Adds a few convenient features to the Color Gun.

Automatic Painting: If you have the Paint Gun equipped when building, the newly created building will automatically be painted to whatever color your Color Gun is set to.

Color Sampling: Pressing the Middle Mouse Button* while the Color Gun is equipped and aimed at a valid color target will switch your Color Gun's slot to match the target's color. This changes which slot is selected on your Color Gun, not the color of the current slot.

Foundation Color: Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F* while the Color Gun is equipped will change your gun's color slot to the hidden one used for Foundations.

Quick Color Switching: Using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up/Down will switch to the previous/next color slot.

* Key Bindings can be changed in the settings menu. If you change the Color Sampling keybind to something other than Middle Mouse Click you won't be able to change it back without clearing the vanilla "Sample Building" keybind.

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Change Log:


  • Fixed color sometimes not updating


  • Hotfix for bug causing buildings to be colored after the color gun was unequipped


  • Fixed bug that painted foundations when paint gun wasn't equipped


  • Now MP compatible!

  • Big thanks to Turtlefight, Robb, Kyrium, D4rkL0rd, and everyone else who has helped me figure out this MP stuff.


  • Added hot keys to scroll through color slots


  • Hide Photo UI while in Photo Mode should work again when the Sample Paint Color keybind is set to the default Middle Mouse Button.


  • Added compatibility for Color Gun MK2, Free and Fast Painting, and anything else that derives from the base Color Gun.


  • Fixed bug causing new buildings to be gray if Color Gun wasn't equipped.
  • Added option to Mod Config menu to require Color Gun ammo in order to automatically paint.
    • Not currently compatible with the Stack Overflow mod due to a bug with it.


  • Fixed bug that caused foundations to be set to color slot 1.
  • Changed default keybind for Foundation color to Ctrl+Shift+F
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