Adds a Tier 7 Milestone which enables Nobelisk to destroy Gas Pillars. Removed pillars will stay removed between saves but will return if the mod is removed.

By default, 5 extra explosions are added when a Gas Pillar is destroyed. This can be changed to any number between 1 and 25 by using the command /ExtraExplosions [number]. Higher amounts of explosions may cause some lag.

Known Issues

Some Gas effects remain after a pillar is destroyed; they will disappear the next time your game is loaded.

Unknown Issues

May or may not work for multiplayer - I haven't tested it, yet.

Probably a lot of other things.

Please report any issues on my Discord server

Mod Logo and Milestone Icon by Deantendo#4265

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Change Log:


  • Fix for random crashes (hopefully)


  • Fixed pillars sometimes being indestructible


  • Fixed previously destroyed Gas Pillars sometimes not being removed after travelling through a Hyper Tube.


  • Fix for gas pillars re-appearing after going to different map areas.
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Created: Apr 27, 2021, 3:20:08 AM
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