Adds a settings widget (designed by Deantendo#4265) that lets you change some properties of your flashlight. By default, you can open the widget by pressing Shift+L.

Default Settings:

Adjusted Intensity and cone angle:

Adjusted Specular Scale:

The sliders are locked to useful ranges, but if you really want to "shine with the brightness of 1,000 suns" you can input a larger number into the textbox.

Please report any issues on my Discord server

Mod Logo and UI by Deantendo#4265

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Change Log:


  • Removed Settings Widget from Mod Config menu (it was there for testing and I forgot to remove it)


  • Enabled changing light color temperature


  • UI Scale Fix


  • Brand new UI designed by Deantendo#4265
  • Some new sliders
  • Color Temperature slider is disabled until I finally learn how to utilize c++ in mods


  • Settings will be loaded when play begins.
  • If your flashlight was turned on when you entered a Hyper Tube, it will be turned back on when you exit it (configurable in the Mod Settings section of the Main Menu).


  • Saved settings should actually save now
Flashlight Settings Logo


Created: May 7, 2021, 2:57:25 PM
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