ALPHA ALERT - Currently, this mod will only work correctly if the Primary Foundation is placed in alignment with North, South, East, or West. You will not be able to rotate the Primary Foundation while placing it.

Unified Grid allows you to place a Primary Foundation which spawns a transparent Outpost Foundation at every unclaimed ore node. These Outpost Foundations will align with the Primary Foundation, or other Outposts, if you connect them.

The transparent Outpost Foundations will only be visible while your Build Gun is being used.

The Primary Foundation will be unlocked along with the Base Building milestone in Tier 1.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3


  • Only 1 Primary Foundation can be built, so put it somewhere prominent such as next to or under your Hub.
  • Dismantling the Primary Foundation will remove all the Outpost Foundations. Placing a new Primary Foundation will spawn new Outpost Foundations that align to it.
  • If you lose track of your Primary Foundation and want to remove it so you can place a new one, you can use the chat command "/ClearUnifiedGrid".
  • While this mod shouldn't break in multiplayer, it will probably act weird.
  • Adjusting the Configuration values will cause Outpost Foundations to automatically re-calculate the next time you load your game.

Please report any issues on my Discord server

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Change Log:


  • Fix for crash caused by entering a vehicle while Outpost Foundations are still spawning


  • Improved unlock check


  • Fix for Collision/Snapping bug


  • Improved unlock reliability
  • Fix for Primary Foundation being removed on game load


  • Fix for Primary Foundation sometimes becoming rotated
  • Added configuration options
  • Fix for Outpost Foundations blocking projectiles
  • Removed Milestone unlock requirement
  • Reduced cost of Primary Foundation.


  • Increased calculation precision
  • Removed ability to rotate Primary Foundation


  • Fixed additional Outpost Foundations being spawned at every game load


  • Initial Release
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Created: Aug 3, 2021, 5:17:34 PM
Views: 77,951
Downloads: 7,699
Reference: UnifiedGrid