Save EditorGoz3rr

A work in progress save editor for Satisfactory. Consists of both a save parser and an application for viewing and editing the parsed data.

Utility Toolgreeny

This is a tool for calculating and visualising production, consumption and power requirements in Satisfactory, as well as providing assistance in building the perfect base.

Recipe CalculatorKirkMcDonald

Recipe calculator using sankey diagrams.

MapCornik and S4XXX

Satisfactory map based on in-game coordinates.

SatisGraphtorytehalexf and thinkaliker

This is a factory planner/optimizer/analyzer tool for factories old and new! Simulate resource chains, factory layouts, and more!

Satisfactory CalculatorAnthor

Collection of tools for Satisfactory (Production planner, Interactive map, Recipes, etc)

SatisfactoryUnrealProjectModding Community

Starter project, tools and all information regarding pak modding in Satisfactory.

Savegame ToolSillyBits

Allows for numerous options regarding satisfactory savegames, e.g. searching and erasing damaged entities