This is a new mod in an ALPHA state.

That means the following are true

  1. There are bugs.
  2. There is placeholder art.
  3. Balance is not yet finished.
  4. Things will change.
  5. Buildable models will change invalidating previously placed ones.

If you are fine with the above, I would love to have you try this mod and provide feedback!

Cargo Transporters

Have large amounts of cargo you need to move between distant locations? Don't want to run unsightly conveyor belts across the landscape? Finding vehicles too unreliable or difficult to manage?

Cargo Transportation Solutions(tm) has a solution for you using our patent declined pending matter/energy conversion and transmission system you can "beam" your cargo between any two linked transporter stations on a regular schedule like clockwork.


Available to unlock in the Hub at Tier 3

  1. Build a Cargo Transporter. Let's call this your source station. Hook it up to power, and connect the goodies you want to transport to it via standard conveyor attachment.
  2. Build a second Cargo Transporter somewhere else. We'll call this one your destination station. again, give it power, and hook up a belt to remove cargo from it and do whatever you want with the stuff. We don't really care. That's your business!
  3. In the destination station, select the source from the operator's screen and add it to the linked stations list.

Once linked, cargo stations need time to buffer up the huge amounts of power required to power the process. You can see the progress towards this charge on screen as well as an indication of which station cargo will be transported from next. Once this charge is completed, the cargo will be beamed over instantly and the system begins charging again.


  • All stations in the network must have power supplied. If power is lost, the station will drop off the "network" and be unavailable. If this happens, and the station is linked as a source station for another, then it will be so indicated in that other stations UI in red text. Any source stations off the network will be remembered, but will be skipped during transport cycles. As soon as they rejoin the network, transport will resume as scheduled.
  • Stations receive CTS approved names automatically upon construction, but these names can be changed if so inclined simply by selecting the name in the operator screen and entering a new name. If the station is already linked to another, unknown ramifications may result. For best operation, remove the station from any links before renaming, then re-add.
  • Cargo Transporters do not have infinite storage. Unless there is a bug in our systems. When transport occurs, all cargo that can fit in the destination system will be transported. If the source has more than the destination can handle, then any extra should remain in the source station until the next cycle.


For bug reports, GitHub issues are preferred for tracking and accountability purposes. I can also be reached - sometimes - on the SMM Discord as Agathorn.


The current placeholder mesh in game was created by AngryBeaver.

Known Bugs

  • If you rename a station after it has already been linked, the station will still show up in the linked station list under the old name.
  • The new buildable model has 2 inputs and 2 outputs, but only 1 of each work at the moment. This is intentional, and I will be tweaking the model slightly to only have 1 of each for the Mk1 version, and 2 of each for the Mk2 version in a future update.

Release Notes


  • NEW: New custom buildable model replaces the old placeholder. NOTE: The new model is much larger, with a 2x2 foundation footprint. You might want to make sure you have room in existing placements!
  • CHANGE: Increased storage capacity of Mk1 Cargo Station from 16 to 36 slots
  • CHANGE: Increased cycle time of Mk1 Cargo Station from 1 minutes to 5 minutes
  • CHANGE: Increased power consumption of Mk1 Cargo Station from 10 mW to 40mW
  • FIX: Clicking the "X" button to close the UI works now


  • FIX: Renaming a station now propagates that new name to the network (it may take a few seconds to show on other stations)
  • NEW: When a station's power state changes, it will re-query the network. Additionally in the UI there is now a rescan button which will force a re-query of the network. Both of these additions are to work around the bug where newly constructed stations don't always properly query the network. A more complete solution is still WIP.


  • Initial release. Contains Mark 1 Cargo Transporter.
Cargo Transporter Logo


Created: Feb 10, 2021, 10:00:39 PM
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