WARNINING: Updating to 0.2.0 MAY cause loss of trains.

This is unavoidable, Major changes were needed to fix it.

  • Thanks to AndreAquila for letting me use his mod DoubleCargoWagon to see what was wrong.
  • Thanks to Illya, TwoTwoEleven and Mircea for info on local Mp testing.

Because of these wonderful people, the mod works again.

What is this Mod?

Cheap Trains lets you to unlock trains at Tier 1, Allowing you to start your factory off with trains.

  • The power requirements have been reduced to 1-10 MW per train, and 1MW per station to accomodate this.
  • All Recipes use Iron Plates
  • Freight Car capacity changed from 18 Stacks. (Two rows)
  • Fluid Car capacity changed to 900m3.

Random Gamer did a mod spotlight! Check it out here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmnTpheuvtA

Known Issues

  • Removing the mod leaves the intergrated track sections behind.
    • Removing mods is never guarenteed to be a safe process and is generally not recommended mid game. If you must remove the mod, use Area Actions to remove the left over track.

Known MP Issues

  • Client cannot edit an empty timetable.
    • This is a bug in Satisfactory. Get the host to add a random station and then it will work fine.


Deantendo - Awesome fellow who created the mod's logo

Find me on the Satisfactory Modding Discord under the name "Peter Cashel"


Instead, Mention me on the Modding Discord in the channel, help-using-mods

Cheap Trains Logo


Created: Mar 24, 2020, 7:54:09 AM
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