My take on the S.A.M. Research Tree.

The research tree has 4 nodes:

Finding S.A.M. Ore lets you unlock the first, which makes S.A.M. scannable.

50 S.A.M. Ore unlocks smelting. S.A.M. Ingots can be smelted from S.A.M. Ore and virtually any other raw material. Recipes are available in the Foundry and Oil Refinery.

50 S.A.M. Ingots unlocks the S.A.M. Fluctuator. One of these is required for every Converter machine. It has a very special ingredient.

5 Fluctuators unlocks the Converter itself. The Converter accepts S.A.M. Ingots and can output one of 11 raw materials.

Known Issues...

The texture on the Ingots doesn't show up on conveyor belts.

The Converter itself can't be overclocked and always says it doesn't have power, but it does.

Icon by Deantendo#4265

S.A.M. Converter Logo


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