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    NOTE: This mod has not been updated for Satisfactory Update 3. I plan to come back to this mod at some point, but I am currently working on other projects.
  1. Download most recent SML xinput1_3.dll from the SML Releases panel on the side of this window, and follow the instructions.
  2. Download the corresponding mod version.
  3. Take SolarPanels_p.pak and SolarPanels_p.sig from the zip file and place them in [SatisfactoryInstallDir]/FactoryGame/Content/Paks.


For balancing purposes, this is a tier 7 tech and requires aluminum.

Solar Panels

  • Requires a new part added as a part of this mod called Photovoltaic Cell.
  • On during day, off at night. 10MW capacity at peak.
  • When on, produces a steady (for now, see roadmap) input of power to the grid.


Due to the way power works in the game, more versatile batteries were not possible. This may or may not change in the future.

  • Consumes power during the day, and returns power at night (meant to work in tandem with solar panels).
  • Can store up to 12000MJ (see Power Info).
  • Rates of consummation and production are fully customizable to your factories needs, up to a cap. Note that the production is dynamic.
  • Set the desired rate in one battery, and it is automatically set in all other batteries.

Power Info (Version 0.9.4 onward)

  • Batteries store power in units of MJ.
  • The max amount of stored power is 12,000MJ to allow for exactly 5min of production at the maximum production rate of 40MW. This may be reduced in the future.


  • If the power system in Satisfactory is updated to allow for it, the batteries will updated to be more versatile.
  • Mk2 and Mk3 Solar Panels.
  • Particle effects for battery charging/discharging state.
  • Dynamic power rates for solar panels based on time of day, and if the solar panel is covered.
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