Industrial Decorations is a mod with a simple goal: To help make your factory beautiful.

Eventually, you'll see such things as Doors, walls, furniture, placeable decorative items and so on.

Not yet, though. Still early days, so for now it's an 'alpha' release of just 3 items:

  1. Wall with small fan
  2. Wall sized door
  3. 2x2 wall sized door

Over the next few releases there will be better textures for items, and we'll add more things to build.

We're also looking for someone with experience in texturing - Get in touch with Boyshallll#2272 if you're interested

Mod icon, and in-game icons by Deantendo#4265

Donation :

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Multiplayer Compatibility :

Mk++ is totally compatible with multiplayer ! You can easily play online with your friends

Contact, Feedback and Bug Report :

Feel free to contact me on discord if you have request or question ! (Boyshallll#2272)

Icon by Deantendo#4265

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