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Calculator Mod

This mod adds 2 new useful in game tools, with out changing game play in anyway. These features aim to give the player easy access to a calculator as well as taking notes.

The Calculator

The calculator can be shown in game at any time by pressing F9. You can operate the Calculator in 2 ways with the GUI or with your number pad.

The Sticky Note

You can create as many Sticky notes as you want. Place them where ever you want, size them how ever you want. When not in use they simply fade away slightly. You can also hide them away for later use. Oh and they also carry over between play sessions. You can create a sticky note at any time using F8.

The Note Browser

The Note Browser is a quick and dirty tool to manage your sticky notes. If you have hidden one, you will need to use this tool to find it again.

  • Create a sticky note.
  • Show the help/settings menu.
  • Open the Note Browser.
  • Open the calculator.
  • Turn off the mouse and resume game play.

Key Binds

  • F9 Show / Hide the Calculator.
  • F8 Create a new Sticky Note.
  • F7 Hide all Sticky Notes.
  • F7 + Shift Show all Sticky Notes.
  • F6 Enable / Disable the Mouse Pointer.


GUI work done by the amazing Deantendo.

Huge Thank you to BlockOut22 for his help understanding ui.


Please go over to the GitHub Issues page and report you're bug there, Whilst I am approachable on Discord, I will not be taking bug reports or feature suggestions via Direct Message.

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Created: May 2, 2020, 6:00:02 AM
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