Heal Spheres is a late game mod that allows you to convert power into healing. You can use Heal Spheres to automagically heal yourself without needing to consume food.

Heal spheres come in 3 flavors: MK1, MK2, and the really really big one. MK1 is unlocked in T5 and requires 500MW of power. MK2 is unlocked in T7 and is twice as big and twice as fast, but requires 4x the energy as T1. The Super Heal Sphere (AKA the really big one) is also unlocked in T7 and it's big enough to put your entire base in. This does come at a cost, as it takes 5GW and heals very slowly.

Heal Spheres example Green: MK1, Cyan: MK2, Blue:MK3/Super Heal Sphere

It also requires the latest SML to work properly. Also, It might take a while to build the spheres, due to their size.

Install Instructions

  • Download and install SML. Video tutorial or text tutorial
  • Find your install folder, then navigate to FactoryGame\Content\Paks.
  • Extract the HealSpheres_p.pak and HealSpheres_p.sig to the folder.
  • Run the game and play!

Get out there and heal yourself!

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