1,290,021 137,429
A basic mod that makes your wonderful day last forever !
Infinite Logistics
263,099 22,541
Make your logistics easier with ever extending conveyors and more !
Wireless Power
545,512 50,733
Adds wireless power transportation, from low to high range !
Universal Power
470,884 35,864
Removes the cable management out of the game, everything will be connected
Hyper Boosters
797,759 71,729
Adds "Hyper Boosters", Hypertube entrances that boost you very fast
Under Pressure
169,161 9,976
Puts your whole world Under Pressure, removing need for pumps !
Stack Overflow
1,057,635 108,279
Makes all items stack to 500 ! Or much, much more
Get Back Here
131,488 7,940
Removes the milestone completion times
Powered Conveyor Stackable Pole
84,563 3,592
Adds a *insert title here, it's way too long* to the game, allowing you to have both power and item flow by the same mean
Daisy Chain Power Cables
1,480,223 168,512
It allows you to connect the power from one machine to another.
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Created: 1/12/2020, 3:25:21 PM