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Smart Waiters
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Compressed Fluids
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This is a dependency mod meant to be used with other mods
Compact Machines
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Quality of Life - Focused on improving user experience without significantly affecting game balance or progression.

Introduces additional production buildings.

A mod that adds x10/x100 and x4/x16/x64 versions of all base game Producers and Generators, based on Minimal Factory
Recipe Tweaks
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Adds more QOL Recipes, This mod is WIP so it'll get added on to as time goes on.
Fluid AWESOME Sink Redux
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A Fluid Awesome Sink to sink Fluids directly into!
Just Fly Redux
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It's simple, Just Fly!
Compact Machines SF+ Addon
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A Compact Machines addition mod that adds support for Satisfactory Plus Mod
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Created: 8/8/2022, 9:38:23 AM