All Fluids are Gasses
visibility2,420,671 download17,685
Makes all fluids in the game to gasses. Never need pumps anymore!
Kyris Content Library
visibility1,274,594 download209,963
Assets Library for my mods
RSS2 / Really Simple Signs
visibility2,857,374 download131,086
Adds a variety of signs for your factory. Fully MP compatible!
Kyris Blueprint Function Library
visibility3,147,737 download372,152
Kyris Blueprint Function library add more usefull functions and other things (Only for modders has no content)
Awesome Sink Storage
visibility2,407,917 download16,712
Add 2 new storage with Awesome Sink integration sink them all!
Kyris User Interface Library
visibility2,847,499 download314,416
KUI - UI Lib fpr Kyris mods
Modular Load Balancers
visibility2,950,230 download227,492

Specifically designed with multiplayer support in mind - this will become a Compatibility Info field eventually™

Interacts with the transport of resources around the factory.

Modular buildable that can be snapped together to form load balancers of any size
More Swatch Slots
visibility2,359,608 download19,671
Add more Swatches to the game
Pneumatic Fracking Machine
visibility2,401,424 download26,595
Multi-output Oil node extractor
visibility2,063,717 download3,946
Adds the ability to manage items via a digital storage system and much more!
Blueprint Designer Plus
visibility2,342,718 download123,684
Add 3 new Blueprint Designer Tiers to the game!
Satisfactory Blueprint Store
visibility1,359,203 download15,628
Satisfactory Blueprint Store is a blueprint website to share blueprints with other players.
Kyris Private Code Library
visibility1,926,637 download281,365
Private Lib from Kyri (nearly only C++)
All Gasses Are Fluids
visibility105,033 download382
This mod makes all Gasses in the Game to the Type of Fluid.
Satisfactory Plus
visibility3,217,665 download114,556

Alters or introduces new means of storing and organizing items.

Changes AWESOME sink values or adds new content with the intent of using it for sinking.

Introduces new resources to be harvested and refined.

Adds new recipes (for base-game content) or modifies existing ones.

Totally alters the game's original progression, often can't be used together with other Overhaul mods.

Adds or modifies content in the MAM.

Interacts with the transport of resources around the factory.

Interacts with or adds new decorative options such as plants or structures.

Interacts with or adds new options (skins, materials, etc.) to the Customizer.

Interacts with Blueprints or provides alternative blueprinting methods.

Adds decorative factory building pieces such as walls, foundations, beams, etc.

Adds new Alternate Recipes to diversify your production options.

This mod overhauls the entire game! Nearly all of the Vanilla recipes and rates have been changed!
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Created: 4/18/2021, 10:59:26 AM