Heavy Fluid Overhaul
visibility1,910,234 download13,301
The humongous pipe emulator that reduces all fluids in recipes, resource extractors and power generators
Halflings - Half Width Walls
visibility1,060,155 download3,241
Adds half-width (4m wide) buildables to the game!
Industrial Evolution: Libs
visibility549,062 download50,026
Common libraries used by Industrial Evolution mods
No Portable Miners - Redux
visibility720,033 download4,898
A mod that alters any recipe that has portable miners as ingredient
X3-Lights / Cheap Lights
visibility2,486,741 download22,078
Cheaper Recipes for the vanilla lights (with lowered power consumption) in Tier 2.
EasyAlt Recipes
visibility2,440,028 download26,140
A mod that aims to improve the ratio of many alternate recipes and some late-game vanilla recipes
X3 Splitter / Merger Pole
visibility2,580,013 download31,493
X3 Splitter/Merger pole, perfect alignment for your splitters and mergers
X3 Better Vehicles & Drones
visibility3,147,649 download105,818
Better Vehicles is a mod with multiple type of vehicle and stations modified available in Tier 3
Unique Turbine
visibility2,101,948 download5,534
A simple turbine in order to make the pioneer's life easier at the beginning of the game
Enhanced Conveyors
visibility814,053 download7,475
A mod that allows you to customize each vanilla conveyor
Stack Resizer
visibility2,152,117 download19,678
A mod that allows you to customize the volume of each stack class
Heavy Solid Overhaul
visibility1,145,995 download4,940
A mod that halves all solids in recipes, resource extractors and power generators
Mad Conveyors [Discontinued]
visibility1,164,899 download1,180
A mod that offers a set of 7 belts/lifts with unconventional speed
Heavy Common Lib
visibility65,098 download5,608
Common functions used by Heavy Fluid/Solid Overhaul mods
Industrial Evolution: Lite
visibility2,161,318 download14,948
A very simplified and straightforward version of Industrial Evolution mod
Ultimate Gift Tree
visibility224,329 download481
A simple mod that allows you to set the production rate and building cost
Industrial Evolution
visibility2,492,541 download64,138

Interacts with the Vehicle system or adds new ones!

Alters or introduces new means of storing and organizing items.

Adds new recipes (for base-game content) or modifies existing ones.

Alters the game's balance without significantly affecting game progression.

Quality of Life - Focused on improving user experience without significantly affecting game balance or progression.

Modifies Power production, delivery, or introduces new means of doing so.

Adds or modifies content in the MAM.

Introduces additional production buildings.

Interacts with the transport of resources around the factory.

Introduces a significant amount of content while still preserving the base game's original progression.

Interacts with Belts or adds new tiers of Belt.

A feature-rich mod based on Mk++ and X3's Better Vehicles with many quality of life improvements
Map Function Library
visibility97,113 download20,296
The map function library is a collection of new nodes to work with maps
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