DI New Fluids U5/U6 OK
205,977 12,275
Adds new fluids that you can create recipes for. Also added see through fluid/gas tanks
DI Nuclear Simplified U5/U6 OK
91,579 3,235
Dark Industries simplified the Nuclear chain using minimal machines using the same materials for the chain.
DI More Glass U5/U6 OK
83,005 7,956
Adding Color Clear Glass to Satisfactory
DI TurboFuel Simplified U5/U6 OK
48,660 1,199
DI Community Machines Lib
1,003 0
Dark Industries have realized the high demand potential of new developers in need for better machines for your needs.
DI Transportation U5/U6 OK
179,921 10,578
This mod is the replacement Light weight version for the X3 Transportation mod (Update 5 & 6 Compatible)
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Created: 3/1/2021, 7:35:03 PM