Andre Aquila

621,320 62,250
Environment items that you can place on your Factory.
Icon Signs
403,933 35,365
Fully customizable Icon Signs and Simple Texts
Production Plus
315,763 18,993
Adds 50 new items to produce based on the game Factorio
Big Statues
402,072 30,490
Buildable trophies are 15x their sizes. Trophies still have the same costs in Coupons, but is buildable from Build menu.
Invisible PowerLine
189,516 11,485
Have a factory with less visual pollution. This mod adds an invisible cable to connect poles.
Liquify Raw Materials
259,883 15,661
You can liquify or melt raw materials to create standard parts.
Easy Refinery
351,588 20,930
CHEAT. Seven new direct recipes for refineries without residues(single product).
Buildable Power Shard
454,594 34,557
A Tier 7 very expensive recipe for you to produce your own Power Shards.
Pipe MK3 and MK4 Emulator
524,874 42,344
Half Volume Fluids - Emulator for Pipe MK3 and MK4. This mod allows you to reduce the volum of fluids.
Packing FicZip
324,823 24,445
You can pack your items in a Packing Machine to save inventory space and easier transportation.
Upside Down Foundations and More
819,107 80,467
A lot of crazy floors, ramps, walls.
Hard Drives Cheat
683,514 57,770
CHEAT. If you don't wanna explore in this gameplay, just make your hard drives in your workbench.
Fast Craft Bench
690,540 71,174
Very fast Craft Bench recipes for Tier 1 Items with 20% loss of materials.
Nuclear Waste Cheat
457,275 32,068
CHEAT. Constructor can make Nuclear Waste and Plutonium Nuclear Waste disappear.
Hard Drives from Computers
385,498 27,430
CHEAT. An alternative way to get Hard Drives in Tier 5 using computers.
10+ Inventory Slots
811,406 62,827
Allows you to research a Tier 1 milestone that gives you 10 more inventory slots.
3D Text
417,970 35,680
All letters and numbers paintable in 3D to put in your factory. Ficsit and Satisfactory logo included.
Conveyor Wall Hole
1,194,784 115,337
Put a hole in the wall for conveyors wherever you want.
Extendable Walkways
385,684 28,114
ALPHA You can make straight/curved walkways by extending it, like placing the railroad.
Floor Hole and Ceiling Logistics
1,730,794 210,123
Pass Conveyors, Pipes, Power and Hypertubes through Foundations and Ceilings.
Covered Conveyor Belt
941,595 90,280
All versions of the conveyor belt and lifts, but with a cover. MK6 and MK7 INCLUDED!
Multi Splitter/Merger Balancer
868,949 86,509
You can merge, split or balance 12 Inputs/Outputs
Ultra Fast Manufacturer
340,972 25,247
CHEAT. A Tier 7 research that adds an expensive Ultra Fast Manufacturer with fast recipes for simple items.
Magic Machines
879,031 95,121
SANDBOX. A machine that create every vanilla item in 1980 items/m and fluids 600m3/m and energy for FREE.
No Empty Canister
197,397 9,792
Your packaging is very fast and doesnt need empty canisters.The packages will only serve for transportation.
Painted Wall Foundation and Pipe
221,369 15,011
Double Freight Car
662,965 54,296
Use the Double Sized Freight Car, Double Stations and Locomotive MK2 to transport more items and Fluids.
Marathon - CL
131,355 2,747
Some products uses 6 times more materials, encouraging the use of trains and expanding your factory further.
Start with customizer
567,497 52,350
Start the game with all patterns and materials from Customizer.
Big Storage Tank and MegaPump
1,239,455 129,378
A Tier 7 Big Storage tank to store 25.000 Fluids and a Strong Pump.
Ghost Construction
333,880 26,079
Free buildings without function to plan the size your factory
Mirrored Buildings
314,816 21,987
Machines that align in a mirrored way for you to build one in front of the other.
Satellite Camera Link
290,765 23,304
Contact the satellite link to view images from your camera.
Daisy Chain Power Cables
1,382,443 158,794
It allows you to connect the power from one machine to another.
Lizard Doggo Spawner
216,015 14,656
One click Doggos! :)
Fluid Sink and more
786,622 61,475
A Fluid Sink to vanish fluids, Valve Overflow, Ground Water Drill, Multi Pipe Junction and Mini Storage Tank.
Cheap Power Shards
702,896 62,248
CHEAT. A Tier 2 very cheap recipe for you to produce your own Power Shards.
Generators with more Pipes
363,824 25,343
Refinery. Coal and Nuclear Generator has more input pipes to connect fluids.
Invisible Flying Manta
268,564 15,321
The Big Flying Manta doesnt spawn in your game
Efficient Resources Cheat
519,861 44,851
CHEAT. You deal with your basic resources in a ultra efficient way, making 30x more products from them.
Real Arachnophobia Mode
322,687 23,625
No Spiders. Spiders doesnt spawn.
Unlock All Alternate Recipes
1,024,033 108,477
CHEAT. Gives you everything that Hard Drives gives you: 70 Alternate Recipes + 10 Inventory Slots.
Stackable Machines
287,612 20,658
Nine Stackable Machines: Assembler, Constructor, Foundry, Smelter, Manufacturer, Refinery and the generators.
10x Awesome Points
368,509 33,586
CHEAT. All Awesome Points you get on Resource Sink is multiplied by 10.
Space Market
331,143 27,099
You can construct the Space Market that you can Buy and Sell products.
Grid Ruler
416,427 32,917
Build the Grid Ruler to create a Grid on your map with some distance indicators.
Instant Machines
379,554 30,088
CHEAT. The machines do not have crafting time, and everything is done instantly.
More Milestones +100
1,396,164 276,645
Challenge yourself with 220 New Milestones, 565 New Parts, 70 New Buildings, over 1000 hours contents.
More Decorations Mod Dependency
691,424 111,492
More Decorations Mod Dependency
Resource Node Creator
686,088 69,589
You can create Resource Nodes with Power Shards
More Milestone Mod Dependency 3
403,862 71,538
Download the More Milestones +100 Mod to play.
Kraigsta Infinity Milestones
400,850 34,008
If you finish the +100 More Milestone mod, this mod adds more 103.
No Foliage
159,550 8,640
You still can get them, they will be invisible and will not affect your savegame size.
Inventory Slots 50+
652,288 56,572
Allows you to research a Tier 1 milestone that gives you 50 more inventory slots.
Low Poly Buildings
141,844 2,435
Removes animations and Meshes from the machines.
Stackable Instead Pole
327,585 21,609
Your conveyors will make Stackable Poles instead the Simple Poles.
More Enemy Spawns
134,019 6,278
Been outside your factory can be more dangerous.
All Minable
343,122 18,822
To incentive the use of trains, 35 basic items can be mined from the world
Hub Terminals
360,986 23,939
Build how many hub terminals you want.
Production Supply Dependency
243,689 34,414
Production Supply Dependency - Just ASSETS and MAP
Board Games
120,607 3,549
55 new Items to Play Chess, Checkers, Blackgammon, Dice and Domino
Space Block
216,541 9,996
Symmetry. Start a NEW GAME in a big Flat World and extract all the Omni Material to expand your factory.
The Floor is Lava
159,699 4,287
Start a NEW GAME in a FLAT world, where you die if you walk on the ground. You only can walk on foundations.
Awesome Points x100
515,889 51,758
CHEAT. All Awesome Points you get on Resource Sink is multiplied by 100.
Space Block with More Milestones
139,719 5,203
Play in a Flat World with the More Milestones +100 Mod. Compatibility to use the Omni Material to make other resources.
Packing Manufacturing Ficzip
157,487 5,889
You can use your packed stuff from Packing Ficzip to produce other Packed Materials.
Smallsomesink Small Awesome Sink
373,061 23,938
Its a Small Awesome Sink Terminal with a belt input.
Launch the Rocket!
258,278 11,434
Challenge yourself to send a rock to space. Your machines doesn't have inputs/output connectors, use the Inserters Plus!
Micro Machines
199,699 8,001
Small as possible. You can do the 1x1 challenge!
Timelapse Cameras
150,271 7,180
Takes an automated screenshot of your factory from placeable cameras
306,627 21,235
Have satellite cameras aimed at your entire world with online access. Build with Deantendo.
More Milestone Mod Dependency 5
129,375 19,448
Download the More Milestones +100 Mod to play.
No Dismantle Challenge
116,050 1,924
No Dismantle / No Redo... but with 8 advanced items unlocked from tier 0.
Deep Mining
525,880 43,431
Three miners that will extract random ores.
Laser Beacons
257,290 15,210
See where your beacons are from distance.
PVP - North Vs South
91,085 1,047
PVP. Friendly PVP of Blue production versus Red production.
The Triple Speculation
176,783 5,173
Hypothesize random recipes for Fused Modular Frame, Quantum Computer and Superposition Oscillator.
Remote Factory
538,029 48,343
A Factory Remote Control and Stats!
No Gas Pillars
471,624 44,756
Removes Gas Pillars and Spore Flowers from the World.
Shared Personal Storage
134,586 5,268
Two Shared Personal Storage and a simple paintable one.
Free Color Cartridges
223,393 14,440
A Tier 0 recipe for free Color Cartridges to paint patterns.
524,306 38,731
Have the game time, system time and session time always on your screen.
Organized Crates
252,463 10,664
Every crate that spawn near you will be moved to a unique crate placed by you.
Logistic Drones
318,530 23,081
Move items around the world with flying drones
Plant and harvest
464,352 42,893
Eight types of plants you can put on the world and collect every 3 days: Paleberry Nut Bacon Agaric Mycelia Flower Petals Leaves
243,737 13,790
>>>>>>> Haha vehicle go zoom!
Crash Site Vanisher
97,395 3,226
Use it if you dont want more HDs. The Crashs Sites will be only a small black box on the ground.
Power Control Room
575,978 51,839
Some tools to deal with the power management.
Geothermal MK0
424,648 29,963
A new special mod at tier 1. 2 new type of Geothermal. First one 500 MW and the Second unique of 10 000 MW.
Magic Splitter
352,684 22,713
CHEAT. Automatically teleports everything from the magic splitter for all machines that needs it.
Infinite Storage Container
397,356 36,485
Contains 490 visible slots and infinite internal slots.
Initial Bus Quickstart
174,879 7,134
Ficsit is been awesome to you and is sending some materials to quickstart.
No Clearance
217,281 13,634
Your buildings will not have Collision Clearance anymore.
Third Person View
161,038 11,106
Customize the way you want to see the game. You can change from first person to third person, and change your scale.
Sorting the Unsortable
273,348 12,259
Enable you set all items of the game into Programmable/Smart Splitters filters before you unlock it.
Full Health Regeneration
743,156 82,987
Instead of regen only 3 of health, you will regen all your life, with a long time.
Infinity Dynamic Inventory Slot
238,424 16,450
Your inventory grows as you need more space.
The Empty Hands
519,807 50,265
You get +1 Equipment Slot and a free Empty Hands Equipment that you can equip.
Special Containers
489,989 42,151
The idea is to include all types of containers that we can think of.
Underground Belts
607,660 61,028
You could place as many "x" inputs for "1" output and vice versa.
Research Cheat
372,604 35,120
You can choose a research, and unlock it with one click.
655,973 79,960
A quick way to do some cheats.
499,580 84,645
OtherComp3 More Milestones
509,535 87,920
Shop for HD and Power Shards
292,692 21,769
>10 Coupons per Hard Drive and 1 Coupon per Power Shard.
Just Sink
204,615 9,439
Only a Fluid Sink to make your fluids disapear
Inventory Slots +150
399,709 36,128
Get 150 more inventory slots.
191,792 9,197
A tool to easily see what the machine is doing and how well it is working.
Wireless Lights
265,010 19,150
All Lights are unlocked automatically, and dont need cables to work.
Production Stats
424,350 41,508
See production and consumption statistics.
Start With All Conveyor Belts
195,880 12,415
Start with all conveyor belts unlocked, and cheaper.
Universal Destroyer
209,597 11,128
You can destroy anything you want in the game (Nodes, Rocks, Cliffs,etc.).
Early Hover Pack
220,321 16,613
You start the game with the Hover Pack unlocked and cheaper
Quick Dismantle
93,838 2,984
Set how many meters and DISMANTLE ALL!
CCTV Monitoring Cameras
151,096 9,982
Put Cameras all over the world and see their images in a Central Monitor.
Lost Train Alert
108,816 5,654
You get an Alert if any train is stopped for more then 3 minutes.
All Nodes Pure
397,723 36,391
ALL nodes of the world are pure.
Custom Hud
173,917 9,397
Hide and show parts of your HUD
Long Mode Iccicci Marathon
70,431 521
Makes all nodes impure and adds x10 cost for all milestones
269,962 14,640
Start colonizing the planet.
Alien Artifacts Points
100,985 4,610
Exchange Mercer Sphere and Somersloop for 2 coupons
Flex Splines
378,716 35,425
You can build long and in with any degrees: Conveyors, Pipes, Tracks, Powerlines and Hypertubes
Track props and Small Stations
244,683 14,912
Train Station, Freight Docking and Freight Docking Fluid in a smaller size, but with the same characteristics. +MK2 and bonus.
Personal Drones
323,997 27,951
Two flying drones that defends, storage and brings items for you.
Fire Smoke and Water
98,340 3,865
You can put decoratives Fire/Smoke and Water
Modded Saves Checker
123,293 6,613
Protect your work. If you load your savegame with different mods, it will warn you.
FicsIt Remote Monitoring
224,159 7,417
Enables communication between Satisfactory to external devices and web servers
90,837 3,266
Get access to avatars around the world.
236,445 18,011
CHEAT. Duplicate your power, fluids and solids.
155,093 9,364
Shows the speed/coords and altitude of your character and have an Odometer.
102,833 3,946
Reverse Factory machine will uncraft nearly any item placed inside
Portable Miner Collector
181,902 11,579
A big Container that auto-collects from all your Portable Miners.
World Grid Foundation
156,684 8,206
Align your foundation with your factory grid.
Slot Machines
131,122 9,611
Try to win some prizes!
More Decorations
324,079 31,109
More useless things for beautify your factory. Better with Micro Manage!
Lava with More Milestones
54,068 927
Play The Floor is Lava with the More Milestones +100 Mod. Compatibility to use the Omni Material to make other resources.
Auto Kill
168,765 9,740
Kill every enemy around you instantly. And no gas pillars.
Vanish SpaceGiraffe TickPenguin
109,964 5,393
Remove Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Thing from the game
No Smelters
171,983 10,212
CHEAT. Attach this equipment to your miners and do not use smelters.
Efficiency Productivity Module
105,457 3,613
Makes the machines produces more items with less resources in its radius for a power cost.
Infinite Filters
140,032 9,528
CHEAT. You only need 1 filter for Hazmat suit or GasMask that will last forever.
Recipe Maker - CL
114,379 5,457
Recipe Editor and Recipe Maker to customize all recipes you have in your factory.
Paintable RailroadTrack
129,990 8,260
Completely colourful Railroads (This mod was Colourful Wagons - now in Vanilla)
Colourful Vehicles
50,708 2,699
Adds 10 colors for vehicles: Explorer, Cart, Truck and Tractors.
108,685 5,343
Fast forward teleportation jump. POINT, CLICK > TELEPORT!
NTM Square Foundations and Walls
140,246 8,782
79 new Foundations and Walls with high definition textures.
Posed People
94,872 3,154
Posed People and dogs for pictures and Scale.
No New Label
43,169 2,018
When you unlock things, your Build Menu doesnt show the NEW label.
Simple Codex
69,842 2,613
It will show infos about every milestone unlocks, recipes and buildings. Modded and vanilla.
Instant Recipes - CL
71,405 3,932
Machines doesnt have crafting time and all is produced instantly.
Multiply - CL
67,604 1,505
You can multiply the number of ingredients,products, milestones and building costs.
No Research Time - CL
141,633 12,809
You dont have to wait after reseaching a milestone.
Free Fluids - CL
82,645 3,827
Complement to Magic Machine to give all modded Fluids.
Pipes x 5 - CL
91,444 3,686
Turns the capacity of your pipes 5 times bigger.
Liquify and Solidify all - CL
61,255 1,460
New Liquifier - You can liquify, or solidify, anything.
Recipe Randomizer - CL
44,290 629
Feeling Lucky? Every milestone you unlock will bring recipes with randomic ingredients.
Build Menu Organiser - CL
97,966 4,030
You can hide/show items in your Build Menu.
Hide Researched Milestones - CL
77,736 3,440
After you research the milestone, you will not see it in your hub anymore.
74,881 2,770
Customize the gravity of the planet.
No Early Access Mark
104,664 7,356
Hides the Early Access or Experimental UI in the corner of the screen
Simple Cinematics
48,224 966
Put the WAYPOINTS, set the ORDER and PLAY.
71,700 2,128
Build a big monument going through all its stages.
AutoPacking - CL
68,168 1,373
Allows to all products, vanilla or modded, solid or fluid, to turn into packages or compress.
Country Flags
100,517 7,528
Animated Country Flags and Customized Flags to decorate your factory.
Early Power Storage
141,498 9,489
Cheap Power Storage and Power Switch unlocked since start.
Building Kits - CL
76,058 2,312
Produce kits to build your machines.
Auto Get Loot and Dropped Items
56,672 2,631
Automatically gets loots as berries, slugs or dropped items, in 50 meters from you. Bonus: Loot Manager
Multidimensional Factory
81,287 3,276
You can enter in it... It is bigger inside.
Small Refinery
55,880 2,078
The same as the Refinery, but it has the size and looks of the Packager.
1,285 203
Complement to icci Marathon Mod
Hot Air Balloons
61,408 2,641
Fly with beautiful balloons in MASSAGE-2(A-B)b. Bonus: Rideable Drone!
Old Stuff
53,388 1,353
A Simpler Time. Some items from older versions of the game.
JT Rebalance Ideas
49,731 1,192
Has 2 Recipes: Mycelias to Bacon Agaric and Cartridges x 100
Show and Hide
28,159 220
Hide and Show elements of the game.
Container Screens
222,425 28,876
Automatically adds a customizable screen in all Containers to show whats inside and how many items.
Train World Scenario
60,717 1,254
The world already has the Factories. Link them with trains.
Show Enemy Health
103,590 9,474
The mod show enemies health bar and data.
More Beams
84,584 3,188
17 more simple Beams. Includes paintable Connectors and Pillars too.
SpaceShip (TEST)
54,912 2,583
Fly, destroy and demolish everything you want. Test phase MOD!
Station Master
70,229 2,635
Type /train in the chat to interact with your trains.
Explorer Military Skins
54,523 1,711
Military Skins for the vehicle Explorer.
Open When Research Is Finished
37,550 909
Opens MAM or HUB menu when research is finished.
Finite Timed Nodes
38,056 238
You can extract from each nodes for 4 or 5 hours, then it will stop producing.
Item Counter
62,922 2,161
How many buildings and items do you have in your factory?
Train Skins
60,172 2,851
Roads, classic trains, and some more.
Fluid Teleporter
85,153 5,038
Teleports fluids from one tank to another.
Slug Hunt Mode
50,412 1,200
Turn the Slug Hunt Mode On to fast fill your Power Shard inventory.
Production Supply (TESTS)
44,207 1,002
A new map with new goals to produce.
Back to Production Line
83,664 3,940
A Box that you put items you dont need in it, and it will be transfered to Containers and Machines that needs it.
Change Player Color
67,244 2,867
Change the color of your clothes. Aka Colourful Gloves.
Omni World
48,128 720
No Resource Nodes. Just OmniMaterial you get from OmniRefinery.
PixelArt to Vanilla Signs
30,533 333
Easily make pixelarts from your images with vanilla signs.
Advanced Personal Storage
62,870 2,444
Two new Personal Stoage Box that shows whats inside.
No Radiation from Items - CL
112,889 8,249
Items doesnt have radioactivity.
Doors Anywhere
63,367 4,137
7 doors to put where you want in the walls.
Explorer with Turrets
62,078 3,914
Kill them with the turrets.
Resource Nodes Manager
65,369 2,937
Organize all your nodes and mining sites. Be efficient!
37,875 893
You can keybind any chat command you want.
More Loot from Enemies
48,960 2,756
Bonus: Chainsaw can kill them and more blood. Get Paleberry, Bacon Agaric, etc, killing enemies.
All Poles with Indicator Lights
98,346 8,485
Every pole will have an indicator light: White: Ok Red: No Power Yellow: Fuse Triggered.
Custom Damage
110,380 4,440
You can set how much every type of damage affects you.
Transport Items Between Saves
40,019 1,183
Transport items from one world to another. Don't limit yourself to one world.
Random Start Location
40,795 1,143
Start a new game in a completely random start location.
Colourful Hypertubes
46,407 2,049
Two new types of paintable hypertubes and supports. Bonus: Hypertube Power Transmitter Entrance
Vehicles To Machines
47,101 653
Your machines will auto get materials from vehicles near by.
Universal Machine
60,835 2,694
One compact machine that can make any recipe at 5x Speed.
Custom Small Skyboxes
369 0
You can make a small environment inside the map, with a custom sky.
MAMA Skin/Big Walls/Foundations
484,045 41,318
Factory Skins, Foundations and Walls of other sizes to decorate your factory.
Cheap Smart Splitter
321,755 23,298
CHEAT. Unlocks a cheaper Smart and Programmable Splitter
AntiRadiation Box for Transport
406,694 27,388
An expensive anti-radiation box, to transport uranium products without damage.
232,766 9,724
Primitive Blocks to make Buildings and Art using with Micro Manage.
Auto Tame Doggos
112,474 7,044
When you walk by a Lizzard Doggo, you will be informed and he will be Tamed.
165,801 9,341
50 new Achievements to conquer and get some trophies.
67,507 4,131
Complete Fireworks solution for your game.
Custom Cups
91,057 3,621
Customize your CUP!
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