Crash Site Beacons
499,201 39,226
Places beacons at every crash site.
Destructible Gas Pillars
302,074 25,899
Allows Gas Pillars to be destroyed with Nobelisk
Persistent Paintables
130,479 8,418
New buildings will automatically be colored according to your equipped Color Gun's color slot
Flashlight Settings
228,251 16,177
Adds a widget that lets you change some settings on your character's flashlight
Destructible Deposits
97,809 3,194
Allows resource deposits to be destroyed with Nobelisk
Expanded Hover Range
230,138 18,351
Higher tier Power Poles give the Hover Pack a larger range
Manta Raise
166,587 50,615
Adjusts Flying Manta heights to keep them from flying through your buildings
Deselect Mass Dismantle
61,830 2,886
Lets you deselect buildables that have been selected for mass dismantling
Double Jump
166,232 16,832
Enables double-jumping
Unified Grid
230,251 20,274
Easily build foundations from anywhere on the map that align with each other
Just Pause
122,283 7,109
Pause button will pause or un-pause the game
April Fools
61,136 762
Enables the April Fools event from 2021
Infinite Zoop
172,602 16,053
Upgrade your Zoop!
Soft Clearance for Everything
57,305 2,339
All Buildings get Soft Clearance
Filler' Up
46,936 1,816
Vehicle Stations will fill vehicle tanks completely
Any Route For Any Vehicle
47,923 1,725
Load vehicle paths from any type of vehicle
Alternate Recipe Research
77,633 3,791
Choose which Alternate Recipe to research with your hard-earned hard drives
Location and Rotation
75,009 3,180
Adds a widget which shows you the location and rotation info for the currently highlighted buildable
No Falling Gifts
85,519 5,468
Prevents Ficsmas Gifts falling from the sky
Fast Forward
83,274 4,411
Control the speed of time!
Daisy Chain Everything
41,607 3,965
Increases the number of power connections on all buildings, both vanilla and modded
Longer Beams
95,643 5,010
Build longer beams!
Construction Preferences
95,581 4,275
Set preferences for things like which power pole gets built along with a power line
Finer Foundation Rotation
38,869 947
Lets you rotate foundations by 1 degree when using fine rotation
Shallow Water Extractors
60,037 2,797
Allows you to build water extractors in shallow water
Modular Load Balancers
176,610 31,176
Modular buildable that can be snapped together to form load balancers of any size
Test mod for Vilsol
183 27
Just for deciphering pak'd stuff. Nothing fun in here
Lower Space Whale-Thing Health
44,514 1,199
Lowers max health of Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Things
Throughput Counter and Limiter
68,136 6,346
Belt attachment that displays the actual item throughput per minute. Can optionally limit the IPM.
Pardon Me
17,486 1,094
Causes hostile creatures to ignore players
Covered Conveyor Belt
941,626 90,281
All versions of the conveyor belt and lifts, but with a cover. MK6 and MK7 INCLUDED!
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