Light It Up
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A Satisfactory Mod which adds a couple of Lamps to the game.
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Interacts with the Vehicle system or adds new ones!

Alters or introduces new means of storing and organizing items.

Viewing or tracking statistics in the factory.

Modifies Power production, delivery, or introduces new means of doing so.

Interacts with Pipe mechanics or adds new pipes.

Specifically designed with multiplayer support in mind - this will become a Compatibility Info field eventually™

Introduces additional production buildings.

Interacts with the transport of resources around the factory.

Interacts with (conveyor) Item mechanics or adds new Items to produce.

Introduces a significant amount of content while still preserving the base game's original progression.

New equipment options for the Pioneer.

Interacts with Blueprints or provides alternative blueprinting methods.

Interacts with an external system to implement its features, or enables connecting with one.

Upgrade Satisfactory with customizable computers, smart networking, and custom scripting for unparalleled factory control
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Tools for content creators (speedrunners, streamers, video producers) ex. Twitch integration.

Client side only mod, it doesn't need to be installed on servers to function.

Alternate view modes or tools.

Camera-Animations, Timelapse-Cameras, additional Camera-Feeds & more! Everything a cinematographer needs.
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Created: 7/5/2019, 9:52:48 PM