Fluid Extras

Multiplayer friendly. Features 8 new fluid junctions styles, an alternative mini water extractor, and an A.I. Packing machine.

This is still beta and may contain issues.


  • Fix mid-pipe placement for some junctions looking strange
  • Finish dev on Archimedes Screw Extractor
  • long term: New foundry design with fluid input

Pipe Junctions

These eight (next release, four currently) new pipe junction styles don't add much extra utility but should allow you to route your pipes in more visually stylish ways.

Mini Water Extractor (WIP)

Working out to the same throughput per square meter of water the small size, reduced power requirements, and comfy 50m3/minute would all be a solid reason to change. But the Screw based design means it can fit into water too shallow for a standard extractor.

A.I. Fluid Packer

Simplify your packaging workflow with a smart building that will adapt to the detected inputs and unpack whatever you send its way.


Sounds courtesy of Beni.Maru

Icon design by Deantendo#4265

Check discord/github to see what I'm up to: AngryBeaver#9028 / https://github.com/users/DavidHGillen/projects/1

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Created: Sep 1, 2020, 5:21:38 AM
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