Farming Mod


Farming mod is getting a FULL overhaul! The name will be changed from farming mod to Ficsit Farming and EVERYTHING will be changed, that means everything FarmingMod Related you have will be gone! If you want more updates on FicsitFarming please join our Discord for more information


Please do not report bugs with the current version ( 'Farming Mod' ) as the overhaul means we are redoing pretty much the whole mod and it will be renamed to "Ficsit Farming". Any bugs in the current version will therefore not be fixed. Do make sure to report bugs in the Ficsit Farming mod when we release it, though!


Get your green fingers, thumbs, and toes ready to delve into the satisfying world of farming!

This mod will add lots of items and a few buildings to help you grow food so you don't need to hunt for nuts or berries in the wild.


  • Crops (Crops are grown in a greenhouse)
    • Wheat
    • Potatoes (Edible)
    • Carrots (Edible)
    • Cotton (Used to make fabric)
    • Pumpkins
    • Corn (v1.0.6)
    • Yosse Berry (v1.0.6)
  • Cooked Food
    • Bread
    • Yosse Muffins
    • Pies
  • Items
    • Seeds
    • Doggo Feed
  • Fluids
    • Fertilizer
    • Slug Slime
  • Alternative Recipes
    • Fabric
    • Medkit (aka Inhaler)
    • Paleberry
    • Nut
    • Power Shards
  • Buildings
    • Greenhouse Mk1
      • A basic greenhouse for a beginner farmer, a manual greenhouse to get you started.
    • Greenhouse Mk2
      • An automated greenhouse for mass production of crops.
    • Composter
      • Converts any organic material into fertilizer.
    • Cooker
      • Used to cook crops into better food.
    • Doggo Item Collector
      • Used to house your doggo friends and automatically collect the items it returns.
  • Decorations
    • Good Pumpkin
    • Bad Pumpkin
    • Tree Plots (v1.0.6)


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