Functionally Lacking and Great Style




Flags, screens, banners and more.

A Wide selection of options.

Huge selection of textures.

Including (but not limited to...)

  • Screen: Like a wall-mounted TV, simple, but stylish

  • Sci-Fi Screen: Much the same, but with added future.

  • Flag It's a normal flag! It moves in the wind.

  • Large Flag. Bigger flag! Still moves in the wind.

  • Banner Flag: A flag. Sideways!

  • Hanging Flag: So you take a flag, break a bit of the pole off and throw that away, then you attach the rest to a wall.

  • Circular Screen: Ever been to a stadium or expo where there are these hanging circular signs? Cool right? Well this one rotates, too!

FLAGS Mod Addon Packs (FLAGGONS)

Development Team

Illya#5376 - Lead Mod Developer

Deantendo#4265 - Main Texture Developer

Pleasure#2299 - Modelling, Texturing

DutchKhana#9613 - Country flags

Harper#2416 - Additional modelling

Dudeamax99#1337 - Testing


'Have a day' emoji -

Items from the Farming Mod used with permission.

FLAGS Mod Logo


Created: Mar 13, 2020, 11:51:08 PM
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