Wanna show off your base in a different and more interactive way? Try out a 360 base view!

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Pano360Cam allows for a cube map to be created at any given position! Simply use the included freecam to place the camera and take the shot! (Using the freecam is required to set a location before the panorama can be captured)


F7 launches the freecam which you can move around using the standard movement keys, as well as Jump to move up, Crouch to move down, and Sprint to go faster!

When you have found a good spot, set the panorama location and quality with the following keys:
F7 is the freecam.
F9 takes the screenshots once a location has been set.
F10 changes between 90 and 94 fov. (94 is required for stiching).
Shift + R changes the resolution to take.

Chat commands: /pano dir “”: Sets the output directory, this can be anywhere on your computer.
/pano res : Sets a custom output resolution.
/pano delay : The delay between each image.
/pano fov : sets a custom fov for screenshotting.

When taking screenshots the camera location will change and the game will be paused until it has finished.

CAUTION: If the game crashes when taking screenshots it may be because you do not have enough video memory (VRAM) on your graphics card. The only remedy is to lower the screenshot resolution and try again.


The cubemap images will appear by default in “%LocalAppData%/FactoryGame/Saved/Screenshots/WindowsNoEditor”.

The images will appear with these names, 'PanoRight','PanoLeft','PanoUp','PanoDown','PanoFront','PanoBack’


If you want a equirectangular image (one continuous image), the cubemap images needs to be stitched using a program such as Hugin.
Shift + L will change the FOV to 40 and sets the images to 38, this is for a lot of stiching and requires some experience with stitching programs.

In 38 image mode it does 8 images at pitch 54 and -54 with Yaw 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 and 10 pictures at pitch 18 and -18 with Yaw 0, 36, 82, 108, 144, 180, 216, 252, 288, 324. plus one a 90 and -90 pitch.

Special thanks to: Marcus - Keyboard shortcuts. Blastroid - Logo creation. Satlabs discord - Images and banners.

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