Ever wanted to create a world-spamming factory, but your PC can't handle having hundreds of machines at once in screen? Now you can!


  • A set of machines (Smelter, foundry, constructor, assembler, refinery, packager, manufacturer, blender, particle accelerator) that are x10 in speed, construction cost and energy constumption.
  • A second set of machines that is x100.
  • A set of generators (Biomass, coal, fuel, nuclear). that takes x10 more fuel and produce x10 more energy.
  • The new generators have linear overclocking! Now 200% clock speed means exactly 200% power regenerated!
  • To further reduce building count, each machine has up to 4 cable connections instead of 1. Less power poles is better!
  • Each of the three set of buildings has their own "wheel" accessed by pressing 'e' when building one of them.
  • (since 0.2) The packager can compress and decompress fluids! 300m^3 of a normal fuel equals 3m^3 of its compressed counterpart.
  • (since 0.2) Compressed fuels can be directly burnt in fuel generators.
  • (since 0.2) A x100 version of the different generators. The high-pressure coal and nuclear generators use compressed water instead of "normal" water.
  • (since 0.3) The mod's buildings are built out of "modules" which compress the original recipe into a single items. The recipes for modules need to be handcrafted in a workbench.
  • (since 0.4) 'Modules' can be automated in assemblers and manufacturers as well as hand-crafted.
  • (since 0.6) Compressed recipes for refineries and blenders - use and produce compressed fluids in Blenders and Refineries.
  • (since 0.7) The mod machines and recipes are unlocked automatically when the vanilla prerequisites are met.
  • (since 0.8) Added Particle Accelerator.
  • (since 0.9) Building modules now use the corresponding building icons instead of the placeholder HUB parts icon.

How to use

Each machine (both the x10 and the x100 version) is made avaiable when the vanilla research first (so e.g. the mod's Foundries require you to already have the vanilla foundry unlocked).





Known issues

  • The Blenders are bugged - they can only have one cable connection instead of four.
  • When overclocking, the target amount of parts shows the vanilla value, rather than the correct x10 or x100 number. E.G. the Smelter (x10) produces at 100% 300 iron ingots/minute, but the overclocking interface will display 30 instead.
  • The production rates still are limited by belts and pipes. This mean that even a x100 refinery will take only at max 600 fluid per minute.
  • The water consumption of modded Nuclear Generatorss is NOT linear when overclocking, even it it's energy throughput is.
  • High-pressure coal generator and High-pressure nuclear generator always show their internal tank UI as being empty.
  • Partly incompatible with "All fluids are gases" - don't pipe a gas fuel into a fuel generator or you'll crash the game!
  • Contrary to what 0.9 patchnotes say, the Particle Accelerator still cannot be manufactured automatically, only manually. This will be adressed in a future patch.

Planned features

  • Adding screenshots and other improvements to this page.
  • Maybe adding compressed and ultracompressed solid items and their recipes, but that would be even more far-fectched.
  • Learn version control and make the source public in Github or similar.

Found a bug or have a suggestion?

Please tell me in Discord @Pedro (ngppgn)#4081

Credits, acknowledgements and thanks

  • To Deantendo for making the mod's icon.
  • To the modding community at large for answering all my numerous questions.
  • To Visiol for thoroughly helping with the reupload.
  • To AndreAquila, whose awesome mods (specially Instant Machines) inspired this one.
  • To Boyshall, for the contributions to the modding materials that helped fixing some features.
  • Last but not least, to all the players who come up with bug reports and imprevements suggestions. Thank you ad keep them coming!
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