Nogs PowerSuit

This mod Depends on the Mod : PowerSuit

Support for Robbs Amor Modules is not given! This Suit & Module is for Testing and cheating !

This mod was initially intended for Developers as an Example of how to use new Attachment System.

Since the Removal of all Suits from the Main Mod, this Mod was created to help with the creation of new Modules and give Players and ModDevelopers the chance to modify Properties Modules can add, with a Widget while the game is Running.

This Mod Adds 1 Suit aviable at Tier 7 similiar to the previous PowerSuit MK3 Version.

A Cheat Command is aviable that gives a Suit and a Cheat Module for free. This Cheat Command is useable by typing "/praisesuit", this is optionally possible to Disable in the Main Menu.

There is no other intended way to obtain the Cheat Module for now.


The Cheat Module might not provide stability or expected results in some cases, it gives !DIRECT! access to what the SuitModules add to the Suit which is usually balanced and tested by ModDevelopers.

Do not expect every slider to do what the Name appears to be indicating, if it works - it works ; if not - do not complain.

if you are convinced you found a Bug for the Suit itself pls report it on the PowerSuit Github or Discord Server



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Created: May 28, 2021, 5:43:46 AM
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