Utility Signs is a mod that will allow you to keep your factory organized.

It adds two signs varitions, shorter and taller version.

You can directly edit text on the signs, which allows you to keep everything compact and informative.

Signs text glow in the dark.

Currently mod supports multiplayer partially, allowing only host to edit signs, but not the clients (though clients can clearly see changes done by host).

Why this mod? Eventually you can find yourself uncomfortable between hoards of boxes you have for storing things, or in your warehouse. I wasn't happy that there was no functionality in vanilla game to keep all of this categorized, and so I decided to create this mod. Maybe you will find more useful and interesting way to use it? Anyway, enjoy!

Also check out mod great spotlight by Random Gamer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VesJJYMrr1E

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You can always find me and ask questions on the Satisfactory Modding Discord under the name "Dazvolt (Dazvolt#9179)"

Logo & UI by Deantendo#4265

Font select buttons by nini#0100

Utility Signs Logo


Created: Apr 9, 2020, 7:35:48 PM
Views: 495,910
Downloads: 46,445
Reference: F1osm4KEz7KvDT