BWW - Better WalkWays

Q - Better how?
A - Let me list the ways...

  1. Added end-cap sections
  2. Added end-cap sections with ladder snapping and a hole
  3. Added a ladder to use with that
  4. NO gaps between rails now! (OSHA approved)
  5. All ramps with rails have a version without rails, too!
  6. Ramps with 1 rail left and right
  7. A walkway to fix the joining of left/right to middle parts
  8. All new walkway models that look similar to the originals, but with a nice clean underside

Q - Who do I bother about bugs?
A - Kyrium

Q - Who made this mod?

  • Kyrium (code, BPs etc...)
  • Hilun (Models, textures)
  • Deantendo (icons, concept, direction)

Q - What if I have suggestions for more stuff?
A - Feel free to post them, but this mod is considered complete and probably won't change much. But we will fix bugs and stuff.

Q - Any planned updates?
A - Mostly compatibility, bug fixes and stuff. Maybe upgrades to match whatever changes come with update 5 and beyond.

Q - What if i'm really happy with this mod and want to drop a few coins in a tip jar?
A - We'd love that!

  • Tip Kyrium
  • Tip Hilun
  • Tip Deantendo

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Created: Aug 18, 2021, 9:50:58 PM
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