Buildable trophies are 15x their sizes. Trophies still have the same costs in Coupons, but is buildable from Build menu. .

ATTENTION: To use the benefits of this mod, scroll through the Hub Milestones Tiers and find the correct item to unlock! Sometimes the unlock item is kind of hidden, and you have to Scroll to the right to see it.


Unlocked at Tier 3 using 50 coupons.

All Big Statues are on Special Tab, in Build Menu.

Better with Micro Manage Mod (You can move it and resize all decorations) - h


Big Statues

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To contact, please use @MiniMods and quote the mod BigStatues.

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Best using with +100 Milestone Mod:



I'm having a lot of fun making Satisfactory Mods and I hope you are enjoying them! If you want to donate, i would be very grateful.

- Icon by Deantendo#4265 -

- This is an Alpha Mini Mod

If you are a Modder and wants to integrate, absorb or take over any of my 'Alpha Mini Mods Ideas' for your one. Please, contact me at the SMR Forum FICSIT Augmentation Database!

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