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Item Dispenser Mod

The Item Dispenser is a new type of Storage Container that will instantly deposit stacks of items at a time into your player inventory every time you interact with it from the front. Interacting with any other part will instead open the dispenser's storage inventory/configuration UI, where you can set things like how many stacks at a time it should dispense. I can't believe I need to say this, but this is not a cheat mod, you actually have to put items into the dispenser (preferably with a belt), it does not magically create items.

REGARDING MANUAL INSTALLATION: First of all, just don't. Use the Mod Manager instead. If you insist on manual installation you also need to install this mod. If you are using the mod manager, it will download this dependency for you automatically.

This project has a companion mod, the Item Hopper. It lets you instantly take full stacks of filtered items out of your player inventory, and put them on a belt.

Feature summary

All dispensers are paintable, stackable, and display the next item they are going to dispense (always the item in the 1st slot of their inventory) as a physical model and as an icon on the front screen. Dispensers prefer to fill partial stacks of items in your inventory first. They will also have at least one belt input. They are all unlocked through HUB milestones and found in the build menu under Organization>Storage.

This mod is fully multiplayer-compatible. Pretty good, right? Modded items are also supported as long as the modmaker set a Big Icon and Conveyor Mesh for their item.

Item Dispensers have Ficsit Networks integration. A network adapter connection will apppear on the dispenser if you have that mod installed. Using that, you can configure the dispenser and look at it's inventory from the network (use :getMembers() to see all available functions).

You can edit the inventory size of each class of dispenser from the Main Menu>Mods>Dispenser, or from the config file located at <gameinstall>\FactoryGame\Configs\Dispenser.cfg . This counts as cheating and one day you will have to answer for your crimes.

Item Dispenser

The standard Item Dispenser is unlocked through it's Tier 2 HUB milestone. It has a 16 slot inventory and 1 belt input. It is exactly as wide as a Storage Container, ~2/3rds of the length and short enough to fit under a 1 wall high 1m foundation. There is no clearance on the front of the Item Dispenser, so you can freely clip it through a conveyor hole wall.

From the custom storage UI, you can configure the Item Dispenser to toggle the partial stack filling feature, give you multiple stacks per use, or activate Threshold Mode, which will make the dispenser only give you up to a certain # of item stacks, then stop. All of these settings can also be configured via Ficsit Networks.

Mini Dispenser

Mini dispensers are unlocked along with Item Dispensers at Tier 2 and have the same features as an Item Dispenser. They have a 4 slot inventory, 1 belt input and are the size of a splitter.

Industrial Dispenser

The Industrial Dispenser is unlocked in HUB Tier 5. It has all of the features of an Item Dispenser, but it is taller, and boasts a 48 slot inventory with a 2nd belt input.


You can find me on the ficsit.app modding discord (Avery#5241) if you have any feedback or bug reports.


Milestone icon uses an asset from Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Model and texture assets 'ethically recycled'™ from the Coffee Stain Studios' dumpsters (I still put a ton of work towards making that frankenmachine not look terrible).

Ficsit Networks' Network Adapter model is made by the Ficsit Networks team and used with permission.

Icon, MP compatibility image and UI assets by Deantendo#4265


Mod spotlight by TotalXclipse [OUTDATED - does not include new UI update] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXRWztkHhKU

Mod spotlight by RandomGamer [MORE OUTDATED] https://youtu.be/9Y2uneJJkrY


(older models below)