Structural Solutions adds 3 catergories of items:

1. Frames
2. Concrete
3. Beams

This mod includes:
Doors, shutters and variations.
Real concrete blocks
Frames with and without glass
Large concrete structural items
Large steel structural items

All items support the paint gun
The doors and shutters are automatic but can also be customised
The mod features various curved items
Shutters work with vehicles, but work best with X3's better vehicles mod
This mod also pairs very well with Expanded Walls & Fences (EWAF)


Catergory 1 - Frames

Catergory 2 - Concrete

Catergory 3 - Beams

Other images

Mod by Michael Skinner / @D4rkL0rd#9248 on discord
Sounds, UI, icons by Deantendo#4265 on discord
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Created: Jan 8, 2021, 8:10:12 PM
Views: 1,016,436
Downloads: 136,798
Reference: SS_Mod