Buildable Resource Nodes

Are you tired of searching for resource nodes on the map?
Then this mod is for you!

You can build all the Resource Nodes & Resource Wells you can find in the game once you have researched the corresponding Milestones.


  • Buildable Resource Nodes (in all 3 quality levels: Impure, Normal, Pure)
    • Limestone
    • Iron Ore
    • Copper Ore
    • Coal
    • Caterium
    • Bauxite
    • Raw Quartz
    • Sulfur
    • Uranium
    • S.A.M.
    • Crude Oil
  • Buildable Geysers (Impure, Normal, Pure)
  • Buildable Resource Wells (8 Nodes - Impure, Normal, Pure)
    • Water
    • Crude Oil
    • Nitrogen

New Milestones

  • Tier 1
    • Basic Buildable Resource Nodes (Limestone, Iron Ore, Copper Ore)
  • Tier 3
    • Buildable Coal Resource Nodes
  • Tier 5
    • Buildable Crude Oil Resource Nodes
  • Tier 6
    • Buildable Caterium Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Geysers
  • Tier 7
    • Buildable Bauxite Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Raw Quartz Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Sulfur Resource Nodes
  • Tier 8
    • Buildable Uranium Resource Nodes
    • Buildable Resource Wells (Water, Crude Oil, Nitrogen)
    • Buildable S.A.M. Resource Nodes

Build & Dismantle Nodes anytime

Build more Geysers for free Energy!

Resource Wells

These are a bit difficult to place due to their large size.
You only place the core, however keep in mind that you also need a lot of space for the satellite nodes.
You need an approx. 15x15 foundations large free space to place a Resource Well without clipping.

Resource Well


This mod works in Multiplayer - your friends can place and dismantle resource nodes anytime!


In case something doesn't work correctly or you encounter a bug, please post a report in the modding discord server so i can work on fixing it.
You can join the modding discord server here.
Alternatively you can also send me a message directly via Discord: Turtlefight#6892

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