Cable Choices +

Multiplayer friendly*. Features a variety of visual styles for cables including increased lengths, new skyhook style power poles, and an alternate recipe for Ficsmas lights!

This is an early beta and may contain issues and is not complete.


  • Some users are reporting visual glitches when loading as a client fix incoming
  • Fix invisible holograms
  • Cable upgrade in place doesn't work
  • More cable visual styles
  • long term: Cable Trough and Electrical Conduits
  • long term: Railway power connector and other Powerpoles

Skyhook Powerpole

Zapping around with the new powerlines is great fun, but the upright poles are bound to get in your way. With this new redesigned pole keep zapping along without interruption. Be sure to aim at your next cable when you arrive at the powerpole for a smooth transition.

Cable Bundle #1

More coming, but for now these two stylish exposed wires will help add a bit of colour to your cabling early on.

Cable Bundle #3

More coming. This extra long heavy duty fellow will allow you to hook up your distant powerplants with ease, and his colourable friend will help you organize!

Cable Bundle #4

More coming! Embrace spiral power, this powerline features a spiraling light along its length. Super stylish and helps indicate direction.

Cable Bundle #6

Ficsmas may come and go, but with this alternate recipe unlocked as part of the party style bundle you will be able to enjoy the Fairy lights all year. Uses the original Ficsmas element for cross compatability. And perhaps more celebratory styles will join it.


Check github to see what I'm up to:

Or talk to me on the satisfactory modding discord: AngryBeaver#9028

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