Programmable Elevators

This mod provides elevators that can have their destination floor heights customized to your liking. Floors can also be renamed to make it easier to remember where everything is in your factory.


Elevator control panel

Glass elevator and speed customization (old UI)

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Where can I find the elevators?

The Mk1 elevator (3 floors/40m) is unlocked in tier 3, and the Mk2 (10 floors/400m) is in tier 5. After unlocking the milestones, they can be found under the Organization tab in the build gun.

How do I tell what the right height is?

Generally, walls and foundations have their height listed in their names. By default, walls are 4m high.

How do I call the elevator to the floor that I'm on?

Simply walk towards one of your set stops and the elevator will come to you automatically. If you accidentally told the elevator to leave without you in it, walk about one foundation away and come back.


  • GatlingPanda#1436 - Coding & modeling
  • Deantendo#4265 - UI Art
  • PebblyCat#2009 - Multiplayer testing
  • Boyshallll#2272 - Multiplayer bug fixing
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