Refined Power


A mod that adds 26 custom made buildings for your power needs! from green energy to modularity to fusion power, You now have a veraity of power generation options to choose from!

Ficsit Farming is out!! go play with the new mod that we have made!


If you need help with the mod please join our discord.

Community Wiki:

All Building Information is documented on HERE, This was to organize information and improve readability, this allows us to only show the most important information on the Mod Page. And if you would like to make a change/add to it feel free to do so!


Community Screenshots

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Bug/Balancing Reporting for Refined Power:

To report bugs or suggest a balancing concern about the mod Please Join the discord and tell us there!


If you suffer from epilepsy before using the Arc Reactor disable the particle rotation. This can be located in the Arc Reactor GUI.

Building List

Wind turbines:

Windturbine Mk1,
Wind turbine Mk2,
Wind turbine Mk3.

Water turbines:

Water Turbine Mk1

Modular Power:

Boiler Platform,
Cooling Platform,
Converter Platfrom,

Biomass Heater,
Coal Heater,
Solution Heater,
Nuclear Heater,

Boiler Mk1,
Boiler Mk2,

Turbine Mk1,
Turbine Mk2,

LV Generator,
MV generator,
HV generator,

Steam Cooling Tower,
CO2 Chimney.

Solar Power:

Solar Panel Mk1,
Solar Panel Mk2.


Arc Reactor,
Micro Reactor.


Dyson Sphere,
Automated Biomass Burner.


Version 2.1.11 (Refined Power)

  1. Download and install SMM (Satisfactory Mod Manager/The Launcher)
  2. Download the latest version of Refined Power
  3. Unlock the Schematics in the HUB and enjoy it.


Random Gamer :
TotalXclipse :
TotalXclipse New features! :

Refined R&D Team:

  • Mrhid6 - Author
  • Trunkyredstone - C++ Dev
  • Iamlegend_tv - Mod Dev
  • I'm_a_chicken29 - Mod Dev
  • Tom - 3D Artist
  • Vasillo 3D Artist
  • Deantendo - User Interfaces
  • KarmaSG - Sound


  • SML Devs - C++ Help
  • TBNRregs - Ideas & Tester

Screenshot Creators (top to bottom)

  • 3und20
  • Yezkloor
  • Khaos
  • Khaos
  • Ethan Aim
  • Ethan Aim
  • TotalXclipse

Patreon Shoutouts:

TerraWatt Supporters

  • Graywizardx
  • Karambo
  • RenEvo
  • tkm7501

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  • Arashi
  • Cloud9
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MegaWatt Supporters

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