Refined Power


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Ficsit pioneers can now have refined power production that can provide a variety of power generators either to power your outposts or power your main factories.

Multiplayer support:

Refined Power has always had multiplayer support as a high priority for any update and this will not change in the slightest to make sure that playing with your friends is possible and to have a fun experience! While multiplayer support isn't 100% finished yet, we do hope we can fix these little bugs in the future!


All Building Information is documented on HERE, This was to organize information and improve readability, this allows us to only show the most important information on the Mod Page.

Bug/Balancing Reporting for Refined Power:

To report bugs or suggest a balancing concern about the mod Please Join the discord and tell us there!


If you suffer from epilepsy before using the Arc Reactor disable the particle rotation. This can be located in the Arc Reactor GUI.


Version 2.1.7 (Refined Power)

  1. Download and install SMM (Satisfactory Mod Manager/The Launcher)
  2. Download the latest version of Refined Power
  3. Unlock the Schematics in the HUB and enjoy it.

Installation for non-SMM users (manual installs)

  1. Download Refined Power from this page
  2. download our RefinedPowerAssets1
  3. download our RefinedPowerAssets2
  4. Put all of the mod files in the mod folder


Random Gamer :
TotalXclipse :


  • Mrhid6 - Author
  • Trunkyredstone - C++ Dev
  • Iamlegend_tv - Mod Dev
  • I'm_a_chicken29 - Mod Dev
  • Tom - 3D Artist
  • Vasillo 3D Artist
  • Deantendo - User Interfaces


  • SML Devs - C++ Help
  • TBNRregs - Ideas & Tester

Patreon Shoutouts:


  • Tim Spijkerbosch
  • FlyingOintment
  • Murk
  • Michael Ashe
  • Henry Vizurraga Peteet
  • Mario van Roosenbroek
  • Adiemus Wings
  • blidis blidis


  • Bubble0seven
  • Robin van leeuwen
  • Stephen Howey
  • thebladeavenger


  • Yesod