• Adds the Packer machine that allows you to package all items in the game at a ratio of 25:1, including fluids.

  • MK2 Packer added for people using high-speed modded belts for upto 7500 items/min packed.

  • Adds custom recipe versions for all machines to use the packaged items directly, no need to pack/unpack before and after every line.

  • All custom packaged items can be sinked, at 25 times the base value.

  • Adds Pack versions of several power generators to use packaged/condensed items directly.

Main reason i made this was to help late-game performance when building mega factories, since it greatly reduces the number of items, belts and pipes in your world. Can be combined with the MK++ mod to great effect.

All credit to Andre Aquila for the original idea with his Packing and Manufacturing Ficzip mods

Known issues:

  • Packer allows for belt and pipe to connect at the same time.
  • Water UI on Pack Coal Generator and Pack Nuclear Power Plant are broken.

If you find anything else wrong or missing, poke me on the modding discord. Wags#8786

Icon by Deantendo#4265

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Packing Expansion Logo


Created: Apr 30, 2021, 12:14:37 PM
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