• New Vanilla-Style Jetpack Module that acts a more like the vanilla jetpack. Still need to double tap jump to toggle flight, still hovers, but doesn't dampen your movement by a very small amount. Should work with belt launchers and hypertube cannons. Has increased fuel and power consumption to balance with its better mobility.
  • Integrated Jetpack Module has now been renamed to Hover Jetpack Module and keeps the same functionality and stats with an updated description.
  • New Vertical Thruster Module that significantly boosts vertical ascent speed.
  • New icon for the Horizontal Thruster Module.
  • Better descriptions on the Air Dampening Modules. Also Strong Air Dampening has a fuel efficiency stat now.
  • Recent update to the base PowerSuit mod fixes some more multiplayer compatibility issues.


Created: Oct 8, 2020, 8:06:39 AM