2 new modules, new sounds, a number of bugfixes and internal improvements, and description text improvements.


Be sure to check out the version 3.0.0 patch notes if you haven't yet!

New Stuff

  • More documentation has been added to the mod page about the Somerslink production chain
  • Jump Thruster Module (Mobility sub-mod)
    • Expect balance and functionality to change some in the future
    • A set of electric thrusters to be fired mid-air for extra jumping mobility.
    • Increases jump height, slide-boost jump height, and slide-boost jump speed.
    • Allows taking an extra jump mid-air
    • Consumes 75MJ of Power when using the bonus jump
    • Can install multiple with stacking effects
    • Thanks to SirDigby for the idea and base implementation. Should also be compatible with his Double Jump mod.
  • Storage Compartment Module (Fresh from R&D sub-mod)
    • Adds a 7-slot storage compartment separate from your primary inventory. Equipment and modules can't interact with this compartment, but you can transfer items between it from your inventory screen. Consumes 5 MW of Power at all times. Consumes additional Power depending on how full the compartment is.
    • Not yet working in multiplayer. I haven't figured out inventory component replication yet.
  • New sounds for some Mobility modules, the Spatial Tear Generator, Mobile Workstations, some UI, and probably more by Michael. Check out his portfolio here!
  • New recipe to directly deplete Synchronized Somerslink Regulators into Depleted Somerslink Regulators. This is intended as an alternate way of producing them if you don't have the Fresh From R&D sub-mod installed. The best way to produce one is still to use the Spatial Tear Generator.
  • Added fun custom MAM tree node descriptions to most alt recipes in the research tree.

Changed Stuff

  • Normal and Pay to Win module base recipes can be made in the Manufacturer now as well as by hand
  • Updated the descriptions of some MAM tree nodes that were out of date
  • Clarified that the last Stable Somersloop node is an alt
  • Add PowerSuit Logistic Modules to ingame sub-mods widget
    • It will not be added to the modpack until it is multiplayer compatible and balance is further finalized.
  • A handful of internal lag optimizations and clean-up
  • Possibly more I forgot to write down, it has been a bit.


  • Fixed Slug Amplification generator desyncing power gen amount in multiplayer, causing unusual suit behavior.
  • Fixed Adaptive Flight Module tooltip stating the wrong default keybind (it's G, not Left Alt)
  • Gas Mask Module should no longer allow one tick of damage if it refills its filters while you are in gas
  • Hazmat Module should no longer skip playing the refill sound in some conditions

Misc Stuff

  • I am quite busy with life stuff, so this could be the last round of updates for a while.
  • Are you interested in helping to translate the mod to your native language? It could take quite a while until I figure out how to get these packed into the mod correctly, but if you'd like, you can join the Crowdin here and start translating. Contact me on the Nog's Mods Discord if you have any questions, or if you'd like me to add a language other than the ones currently listed.
  • Hey, you actually read to the end. You get a little secret. There's a 'Tesla Coil' module in the Suit Regulation sub-mod that you can access with cheats. It's not ready for release yet, but if you want to check it out, give it a shot.

Known bugs

See the Github Issues page or the top of the mod page for more info.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!


Created: Sep 19, 2021, 1:19:42 AM