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Version Support

Early Access version support: full Experimental version support: none Singleplayer compatibility: full Multiplayer compatibility: partial

Version Support Details
  • Both the Early Access and Experimental versions of the game are supported.
  • The mod should function just fine in Singleplayer. Please report any bugs you encounter via the methods described below.
  • The mod is designed with Multiplayer in mind, but you are more likely to encounter bugs there due to the extra layers of complication it adds. See the 'Multiplayer Compatibility Notes' section below, and please report any bugs you encounter.

Patch Notes - click me!

Multiplayer Compatibility Notes

Please report any issues to me (Robb#6731) or Nog on the Nog's Mods Discord.

  • Clients may have to re-equip the suit upon login for some suit functions to work.
  • Settings that clients select in their own Mod Options (that differ from the host) may or may not work on a case by case basis. I have designed things with the client in mind, but have not done much testing with these yet.
  • The 'Spatial Tear Generator' module will almost probably kill multiplayer clients if it activates (base game, still working on a fix for that)
  • (Unconfirmed in Update 4) If a client logs out with radioactive items in their inventory or in a radioactive area, their 'ghost' player could die to radiation while they are offline.
**Known Bugs and Mod Incompatibilities**

Also check the Multiplayer Compatibility Notes section, and possibly the GitHub Issues page.

Mod Incompatibilities

If you try to use these mods at the same time as PowerSuit, something will not work as expected.

  • Game Time
    • It seems to interfere with the GUI in some way that prevents you from being able to open the Suit Config window.
  • Hotswap Equipment
    • It seems to interfere with the GUI in some way that prevents you from being able to open the Suit Config window.
  • Build Menu Organizer
    • It seems to interfere with the GUI in some way that prevents you from being able to open the Suit Config window.


  • Modules that require fuel do not "turn off" when you run out of fuel, and will continue functioning on less fuel than they should
    • This problem is not straightforward to solve because turning modules on/off can cause a lag as the suit recalculates its stats.
    • This problem will be addressed in a future update
  • The "Spatial Tear Generator" can kill multiplayer clients on teleport
    • This is a base game issue with clients moving too fast. Not sure how to fix this yet.


  • Wearing any Suit makes it difficult to click on the left side of the 'Save' button in the pause screen
    • You can still click on the right side of the button to use it, or unequip the suit
  • Multiplayer clients can't see the color of suit that the host has equipped, even though the host can see clients and clients can see each other.


This mod is a 'base mod.' You must install sub-mods to get the full functionality.

This mod (with all sub-mods installed) adds a whole bunch of armor modules (58+) for use in your multiplayer-compatible PowerSuit, reminiscent of Factorio's equipment module system. The mod introduces 4 different suits in which modules can be installed, the first of which is accessible as soon as you get Blade Runners.

Please leave suggestions and report issues either on the Nog's Mods Discord or as a Github issue.

Although you can use this mod in tandem with the NogsPowerSuit mod, they are not balanced for each other in the slightest, and the Codename NGF module is basically a cheat module for developer testing. I would not recommend it.

Play the intended PowerSuit Modules experience by installing the Modpack!

Feature Overview

  • Customize the function of your PowerSuit to your liking. There is no 'perfect' armor setup - you get to decide what is important to you.
  • Work with R&D to develop 59+ modules to install across 7 new reseach trees! (ADA voicelines not updated yet, sorry)
  • Combine the effects of the Jetpack Jetpack, HoverPack Hover Pack, GasMask Gas Mask, BladeRunners Blade Runners, Hazmat Hazmat Suit, and more into one convenient, cost-balanced, customizable, and multiplayer-compatible package!
  • Manage the power usage of your suit with a variety of power generation and storage options.
  • Get access to limited early game flight with the BioSuit Biofuel Suit and ThrustBoots Thrust Boots Module as soon as you get Blade Runners and Steel.
  • Harness DirtyReactor nuclear power before T7 to power your suit, albeit with some risk to the user.
  • Power-slide like a champ with with the rocket-assisted SLIDE S.L.I.D.E Module.
  • Further augment your GreenLegs ground and AirSpeed air movement speed, among other abilities, with additional modules.
  • Protect yourself from enemies (and your fellow pioneers) with a variety of BlastPlating protective modules and Shield shields.
  • See clearly at night with the NightVision Night Vision Module.
  • Access craft benches on the go with the MobileWorkbench Mobile Workstation Modules.
  • NeverDie Teleport to the HUB (and automatically avoid your death, keeping your inventory!) from anywhere at a balanced cost that gets cheaper late game.
  • And much, much more!

Check out the mod in action!

Check out direwolf20 trying out the mod in his Let's Play: (videos slightly out of date)

direwolf20 1 direwolf20 2 direwolf20 3

Outdated Videos

The mod has changed drastically since the below videos were released, but you may still find them valuable to watch:

Check out an old version of the mod on the Update 4 Launch Stream! Update 4 Launch Stream - Modding Segment

Thank you Random Gamer and TotalXclipse!

Here are some videos of Random Gamer exploring the mod in his singleplayer series.

Newer Random Gamer Video

Random Gamer Video

Even older videos:


TotalXclipse Video

Random Gamer

Random Gamer Video

FAQ - please read if you have an issue!

Click to Expand
  • How do I get started with the mod?
    • Keep reading below the FAQ section.
  • Where do I craft Modules and Suits?
    • You can craft them at the Fabrication Station, a new crafting station that is unlocked by the T2 milestone 'PowerSuit Fabrication'
  • None of the milestones are appearing in the H.U.B. !
    • Only milestones for Suits appear in the H.U.B, as all Modules and crafting components are found in research trees in the MAM.
  • Why is the Suit not letting me install module _____?
    • If the suit blocks you from installing a module, you likely have a conflicting module installed. Read the module's descriptions to find out why this might be the case. You can't install modules while the suit is rebooting, but you can remove them.
  • Can I rebind what keys the suit uses?
    • Yes! With the power of the SML3 keybind system, it is now possible. You can find them on the base game Keybindings screen. If you want to add overlapping keybinds (which the game does not normally allow you to do) you edit your GameUserSettings.ini file, which can be found at ...\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Some of the mod's recipes use Somersloops, but I don't want to use them up from my world!
    • Coffee Stain has said that these items will be story related and likely will not be given use until Update 1.0, which is quite a ways in the future. I will re-evaluate the mod recipes once Somersloops are given a real use in base game.
    • If you would like to conserve your save's Somersloops, you can purchase Synchronized Somerslink Regulators from the AWESOME shop once you have unlocked them.
    • A late-game production chain allows you to produce Stable Somersloops out of renewable resources.
    • Note that recipes involving Somersloop products often return the Somersloop in another form - the Somersloop is not used up. It's a catalyst item.
  • Why are the sounds so loud?
    • You can configure the mod's volume levels (or disable sound outright) from the mod settings, accessible on the main menu Mods section.
  • Why do I crash on launch?
    • This mod depends on other mods to be installed, and you are probably missing them. Use the Mod Manager to install, it will download them all for you automatically.
  • Why is everything so complicated?
    • I wanted to provide as much information as possible in the module descriptions, which can make them seem a bit daunting. It's really quite simple at the core, though. Modules consume fuel and power, and sometimes speed you up or slow you down, or give you other benefits or abilities. You have to use other modules to offset power and fuel costs, or to speed you back up again. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions.
  • Why my suit keep saying ERR_SUIT_POWER_EXHAUSTED and turning off?
    • You're running out of Suit power! Consider adding modules that increase Capacity and Power Generation, or removing some of your more power-hungry modules.
  • Module _____ isn't working!
    • This mod is still actively in development. Please check the Known Bugs and Multiplayer Compatibility Notes sections at the top of this page, as well as the Github issues page, to see if it has already been reported. If not, please send a message on the Nog's Mods Discord to let me know, or post an issue on Github.
  • Why can I craft the Radiation Absorbing Generator before I have access to nuclear processing and the Hazmat Suit?
    • This is an intended feature. Perhaps there's another way to protect yourself from the radiation damage you take crafting the module?
  • Why is everything so cheap/expensive/overpowered/weak?
    • I tried to balance the recipe costs and functionality of these modules according to my tastes, but I'm open to suggestions - contact me on the modding Discord, or the Nog's Mods Discord. Feel free to create a mod of your own to overwrite my mod's recipes for these items. ContentLib Recipes makes it as simple as writing a JSON file to do so.

Getting Started

Coming Prepared

PowerSuit Modules now consists of multiple smaller sub-mods as opposed to one monolithic mod. If you have only installed the base mod, you should probably get some others if you want your suits to do anything.

  • You can pick and choose the sub-mods you want to play with, but I suggest using the All Modules Modpack for the best experience.
  • More sub-mods will be released in the future, potentially with modules that offer content for your other favorite.
  • All sub-mods are linked from the top of the mod page (click the images!)

Modpack Install the All Modules Modpack here!

Opening the Door

The mod opens up once you have access to Caterium, so go out scouting and find some! Once you have some, find the T2 milestone 'PowerSuit Fabrication,' where you can work with R&D to develop the Biofuel Suit and the Fabrication Station.

Each module is crafted from a BaseModuleComponent Module Base Component and a handful of other components. New modules are unlocked in the MAM and crafted in the Fabrication Station.

Fabrication Station

It might look a little familiar to some of you. After all, R&D does not waste.

You can craft Module Base Components with just Iron-tier components, but it is more costly to do so. If you wait until T3-4 when you have access to Steel-tier components, you can unlock a cheaper recipe in the MAM.

Do note that each Module Base Component requires a Power Shard to craft - but there are some alternate recipes you can unlock that don't need Power Shards.

Module Basics

All modules have extensive descriptions of what they do in their item descriptions.

By the power of MAM Enhancer, you can view what modules are going to do before you unlock them! Simply select a MAM node in the tree, and MAM Enhancer will display a description of the node on the right, as well as allow you to view tooltips of the items you need to submit, or click on them to open them in your Item Codex.

If you want to see a module's description again, you can always come back to the MAM, search it in the Item Codex (press X) or Quick Search (press U). You can also hover over just the top left corner of the preview icon in the Fabrication Station, which is a bit of a pain to do, but possible. I will be improving this user interface later.

Installing Modules

Once you equip your PowerSuit a new section will appear in your main inventory below your hand slots, as well as a panel on the right. You can install modules by dragging them into the new slots like you would a chest. Note that Shift clicking is not supported yet. If the suit blocks you from installing a module, you likely have a conflicting module installed. Read the module's descriptions to find out why this might be the case.

Install Modules

You can also press 'PowerSuit: Open Suit UI' (Right Alt by default) to open the suit's custom window, and press tab to open your inventory.

Suit Window screenshot


You can check out the Stats section of the suit inventory screen to see information about your suit. Note that not all abilities a module gives you can be shown in this stats screen.

Suit Usage and Controls

Once you unlock the Biofuel Suit, you will receive a message in your in-game Inbox from R&D in the Tutorials section (default X to open). This message has information about the controls. See the directions in the FAQ for rebinding keys.

You can activate or configure the properties of various modules from the 'Modules' and 'Config' sections of the suit inventory widget.

Configure IMWs

Handheld Controllers

All suits, even those not capable of flight, will give you handheld hoverpack controllers with useful suit information. If you don't want this, you can turn it off in the PowerSuit mod config in the main menu.

Below is an image which labels what portions of the controllers correspond to what suit information.

Controllers Labelled

If you start to Overdraw your suit (explained further below) the screens will get a red warning background and the Overdraw bar will increase until your suit shorts.



All Suits and some Modules will show additional information when you hover over their item tooltips.

Suits will display what item is currently in their internal fuel buffer, as well was what modules are installed.

Suit tooltip

The Gas Mask and Hazmat Suit modules will show how much of their current filter is remaining before they need to refuel.

Suit HUD

The suit HUD tells you a lot of information about your suit and your player at a glance.


A couple of extra details on the non-trivial portions:

  • The Shield, Power, and Fuel bars (from top to bottom) correspond to the percentage values to their left, and will display ---% when the suit can't hold any.
  • The Fuse Indicator will be green when the suit is operating as normal, orange when Overdrawing, and red when Rebooting
  • The Intensity of Change indicators are arrows that show how much their respective stat is currently changing. The more significant the change, the more chevrons.
  • The Suit Mode Indicators inform you of the following:
    • Airplane: You are currently flying
    • Fuel Pump: Appears when your suit is low on Suit Fuel. If this remains showing and your suit is not re-fueling, you probably lack the items required for refueling. See the Fuel section for more info.
    • Shield: If this icon is flashing, your shield is currently on recharge cooldown.
    • Weight: If shown, your suit is in Gravity Flight Mode. See the Flight section for more info.
    • Two Feathers: If shown, your suit is in Frictionless Flight Override Mode. See the Flight section for more info.

Suit Concepts


PowerGeneration SuitRegulation The Power Generation and Suit Regulation sub mods contain modules that help manage your Suit Power and Fuel.

Power is electrical energy essential for the operation of most modules. Modules will either consume or generate power. A small amount of Power is passively produced by your suit, but you must install additional modules to generate or store more at a time.

Some modules will generate power for free, others will require certain special conditions to be met, and some will consume Suit Fuel (see below) to generate power.

Fuse and Overdraw

If your suit runs out of power, you will enter Overdraw. The HUD's Fuse Indicator light will turn orange, your handheld controllers will gain a red warning background, and their Overdraw progress bar will begin to increase. While Overdrawing, you can consume an unlimited amount of power, but if you are still out of power when the Overdraw progress bar reaches the maximum, your suit will have to Reboot.



When your suit begins to reboot, all of your installed Modules will cease to function, and you must wait for the suit to reboot again before you can use them. This is certainly not advantageous while flying, or in a dangerous environment, so consider investing in modules that increase your Power Capacity or Power Generation.



Some modules will also consume Suit Fuel to operate. Examples of this include the Integrated Jetpack, Fuel Runners, and Bio Burner modules.

Note that Suit Fuel is not limited to only base-game Packaged Fuel, your Suit can refuel by consuming any of the items it supports, which can be viewing in the Suit Stats section. Some Modules can grant your suit access to additional fuel item options (for example, the Integrated Jetpack allows all suits to use Packaged Fuel), or even generate it from nothing.

Allowed Fuels

Your Suit will consume items from your inventory to refuel itself while you are on the ground. After consuming an item, the fuel will transfer into your suit's fuel tank in accordance with its Fuel Transfer Speed. You can see how much of the consumed item remains by looking at the suit's item tooltip.

Suit Tooltip

Note that the accepted fuels listed here are the ones the suit unlocks by default. The true list (which could have been modified by Modules) is found in the suit stats section.

Suit tooltip

Fuel Efficiency is a special bonus that changes how much effective Suit Fuel you get out of the items your suit consumes.

Flight Note: Your suit can refuel mid-air if you have a MidAirRefuel Mid-Air Refueling Module from the Flight sub mod installed.

Note that different suits have different Fuel Transfer Speeds and Fuel Efficiency values, which can also be further modified by Modules.


PioneerProtection The Pioneer Protection sub mod offers modules that grant you Shield.

Shield can be thought of as a special health bar that will be taken from before your actual Health. Shields can only absorb certain kinds of damage by default - for example, radiation damage is not stopped by shields.

When your shield takes damage, it will begin to recharge again after a delay.


The PowerSuit Modules: Flight sub-mod offers a number of balanced flight options. Below are descriptions of their functions and flight controls.

Flight modules These modules are only available when you have the Flight sub mod installed.

Flight Modules

Most Flight Modules consume Fuel, which your suit will refill when you are on the ground. The kind of accepted Fuel depends on the suit and what modules you have installed. Hover over the Accepted Fuels region of the suit inventory to find out what fuels your Suit (and thus Flight Module can run on.)

Review the different types of flight below in the 'Flight Controls' section.

  • ThrustBoots Thrust Boots Module
    • Consumes Suit Fuel and Power
    • Thrust Flight with Friction
    • Your first flight opportunity, this limited module allows for some extra mobility, but is nowhere near as good as a jetpack.
    • This flight module will cap your horizontal speed as you fly, so don't expect to be zooming around with this one.
  • Jetpack Integrated Jetpack Module
    • Consumes Suit Fuel and Power
    • Frictionless Thrust Flight
    • The PowerSuit equivalent of the vanilla Jetpack.
    • Your flight range is determined by your suit's fuel tank size, which this module also increases.
  • HoverJetpack Hover Jetpack Module
    • Consumes Suit Fuel and Power
    • Hover Flight with Friction
    • The original PowerSuit jetpack - we had hover flight before it was cool!
    • A weaker version of the Hover Pack that is accessible at the same tech tier as the Jetpack.
  • Hoverpack Integrated Hoverpack Module
    • Consumes exclusively Power
    • Hover Flight with Friction
    • The PowerSuit equivalent of the vanilla Hover Pack.
    • Does not connect to your base's electric grid. That feature is coming in future versions.
  • MultiFlight Adaptive Flight Module
    • Consumes exclusively Power
    • Frictionless Thrust Flight OR Hover Flight with Friction
    • Allows you to swap between Thrust and Hover flight on the fly (ba dun tss).
    • Use your 'PowerSuit: Toggle Gravity Flight' keybind (G by default) to toggle between flight modes

Flight Controls

There are two types of flight that modules can grant. Don't worry - you're already familiar with them from the base game.

  • Jetpack ThrustBoots MultiFlight Thrust Flight (also called Gravity Flight)
    • Similar to the vanilla Jetpack
    • Hold space to ascend. You will fall to the ground when not pressing space.
    • Press 'PowerSuit Accelerate' (Shift by default) for a boost.
    • You can speed up your fall by holding crouch.
  • Hoverpack HoverJetpack MultiFlight Hover Flight
    • Similar to the vanilla Hover Pack
    • Hold space to ascend. You will not descend until you press your crouch key.
    • Press 'PowerSuit Accelerate' (Shift by default) for a boost.
    • In order to descend, you must press your crouch key.
    • Double-tap crouch to stop flying is not currently implemented. That feature is coming soon in a future version.

To help understand the types of flight, think of the base-game Jetpack versus the Hover Pack. A Jetpack has Gravity Flight, but a Hover Pack has Hover Flight.

There are two flight friction behaviors to consider as well:

  • Jetpack MultiFlight Frictionless Flight
    • Similar to the vanilla Jetpack
    • When you stop pressing the movement keys, you will keep your horizontal momentum, continuing to move through the air. This is great for if you've just shot yourself out of a Hypertube Cannon, but not so great for precise building.
  • Hoverpack ThrustBoots HoverJetpack MultiFlight Friction Flight
    • Similar to the vanilla Hover Pack
    • When you stop pressing the movement keys, you will be gradually brought to a stop mid-air, losing your horizontal momentum.

To help understand the flight friction behaviors, think of the base-game Jetpack versus the Hover Pack. A Jetpack has Frictionless Flight, but a Hover Pack has Friction Flight, because it slows you to a stop.

Consider using other modules to change the flight behavior and speed of your suit.

  • Modules exist to increase your speed while flying.
  • The MidAirRefuel Mid-Air Refueling module enables refueling while still flying.
  • The ConfigDampen Air Resistance Regulator module enables modifying flight friction intensity, or removing it entirely, configurable on-the-go.

[Advanced] Somersloop Crafting Loop

Unlocking some of the more advanced modules on offer requires exploring the unusual properties of Somersloops.

If you are having trouble with the Somerslink Regulator crafting chain, look here for tips and more info.

Click to Expand (Spoilers for late-game mod content!)

Crafting Loop

This is a diagram showing how items flow in the Somerloop crafting chain in the mod.

You can view this in-game by holding the keybind mentioned in the tooltip while hovering over a Somersloop-related item in your inventory.

Somersloop chain


  • Note that recipes involving Somersloop products often return the Somersloop in another form - the Somersloop is not used up. It's a catalyst item. It changes form when used in recipes, and other recipes must be used to change it back.
    • For example, you can produce unlimited Entangled Particles with only one Somerslink Regulator. Simply use a Particle Accelerator to Overcharge the Depleted regulator that the Entangled Particles recipe produces.
  • Check the diagram above for some tips as to how the recipes fit together.
  • If you would like to conserve your world's Somersloops, you can purchase Synchronized Somerslink Regulators from the AWESOME shop once you have unlocked them.
  • A late-game production loop allows you to produce Stable Somersloops, and thus the rest of the Somersloop products, out of renewable resources.
  • You can produce a Depleted Somerslink Regulator by using a Spatial Tear Generator Module from the Fresh from R&D mod. There is also a machine-based recipe on offer, but using the Module is much more resource efficient.

Mod Configuration

You can configure a number of properties of the mod to your liking using the SML Configs system, accessible from the main menu. Here is a sampling of the config options available.

Config screenshot


Are you interested in helping to translate the mod to your native language? It could take a while until I figure out how to get these packed into the mod correctly, but if you'd like, you can join the Crowdin here and start translating. Contact me on the Nog's Mods Discord if you have any questions, or if you'd like me to add a language other than the ones currently listed.

Further Ramblings

I did my best to balance these modules recipes with respect to when you can obtain them. I am actively looking for feedback on this - please contact me if you have suggestions.

If you disagree with my recipe balance decisions and interested in making your own recipes for these modules, I suggest you check out the ContentLib Recipes mod, which makes writing your own as simple as putting a JSON file in the right folder.

Most modules make use of the 'Attachment Actor' system, a PowerSuit extension of the usual attachments used by the base game. This allows installed Modules to execute custom Blueprint (or C++) logic to interface with the suit and the world. This is great, because it means that modules can do a ton of fun stuff that they couldn't before. But it was also a ton of work to get everything brought over from SML2, as I had to rewrite a significant bit of logic that used to be built into the suit. Despite this added complexity, a lot of the heavy lifting to make this mod possible is still done in the PowerSuit mod itself.

If you're interested in seeing what's possible with the mod or making some modules of your own, I suggest you check out the source code, as both this mod and the base PowerSuit mod are open source. Feel free to contact Nog or I on Discord. I would be happy to assist you in developing your own Modules, and you are free to depend on this mod if you want to make use of some of the additional module utilities I have developed.

For developers: All of my MAM tree nodes are automatically generated and populated from item recipes. Let me know if you want info on how to do this yourself.

Special Thanks

Please let me know if I forgot to add you to this list.

  • Nog for writing the PowerSuit mod, and working with me to debug it and the Modules mod, and tolerating my endless questions.
  • Micheal for contributing high quality sounds to the mod, and implementing many of them too! He's a professional audio engineer - check out his portfolio here.
  • Deantendo#4265 for the very snazzy mod icon, which I have since mutilated adapted to make the icons for the sub-mods.
  • Panakotta for the examples of ADA Messages and the BP code to send them to players.
  • RNGesus Prime, NotoriousRNG, Reika, K14M, ko5o01gg AKA Dakotka, StromE, and WillLMR for testing and balance feedback.
  • direwolf20, Random Gamer and TotalXclipse for making mod spotlights.
  • TwoTwoEleven for help debugging the display of the in-game mod icon back in SML2.

Assorted Credits

  • The Coffee Stain Studios time machine for the Fabrication Station base model.
  • Base for the Extendo Arm module icon (it was edited further) from GameIcons.net
  • Rabbit and Turtle icons for Shield Reconfigurators from Freepik

Updates and Patch Notes

I am quite a busy person, and it may take me a while to update the mod if it breaks. Please be patient when the game updates and please report any issues you encounter on the Discord or GitHub, both linked above. Feel free to contact me on Discord with any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have.

Past Patch Notes

Find them here or by clicking View on a version in the versions tab.

Future Update Plans (in no particular order)

Click to Expand
  • My secret list of surprises on my Trello
  • Create ADA messages for the new MAM Tree milestones
    • My old ones for the HUB no longer fit because of how the categories are broken down now
  • Finish modules marked as WIP
    • Balance suggestions greatly appreciated
  • Give everything Resource Sink point values
  • Continue to evaluate balance of existing modules
    • Ensure that you can't get too ridiculously overpowered or make power management a complete non-issue
  • Almost all of the mod's elements pull their text from String Tables now, which means localized copies of the mods are within reach. Please contact me if you would like to help translate the mod to another language.
  • More modules!
    • Damage resistance against enemies, but I think shields already fulfill this role pretty well.
    • Fuel backup system for when the suit runs out of power
    • Fun late game modules like out-of-bounds damage immunity
    • Fuel efficiency increaser
    • Sliding Generator
  • A separate sub-mod that introduces cheat modules

Won't Add

Click to Expand

Remember - this mod and the base PowerSuit mod are open source, and you're totally free to create your own modules with these as inspiration.

  • 3D models for any modules
    • I don't plan to make custom models for the modules any time soon. They don't really have much of a reason to be moving around on conveyors or on the ground anyways.
    • I may need some icons made in the future, though. If you would like to contribute models/icons for them, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hey, you read all the way to the bottom. Thanks! I appreciate that you care about what all I have to say. Have fun with the mod.

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