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The Mod will let you connect conveyor belts to this handy machine and will teleport it across the map to another machine with the exact same ID

Unlock from the HUB at tier 5, Machine found in logistics

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(NOTE: machine has both input and output and if both are used they will act as the same id and come out the other side of the machine if connect, if that didn't make sense then don't worry about it)

future potential plans:

  • fluid teleporter

Change log

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  • Patch which should also work for EXP


  • Updated to update 4
  • Changed some UI but it's still a WIP


  • Added Title to Item Teleporter UI
  • Fixed Item Teleporter not saving on/off state


  • Fixed a bug with the internal inventory buffers of the Item Teleporters
  • Updated Item Teleporter UI: this adds Invetory slots to the Item Teleporters, this will let you visually see what are in the inventory buffers and allow you to empty them via dragging and dropping out the window


  • Added button to HUB to show all Teleporters on the map
  • Increased hidden inventory buffer on Item Teleporter (This is a test to see if this change will reduce any restriction some users have discovered)


  • Sorting ID List alphabetically on Item Teleporters


  • Clients can change the ID of Teleporters


  • Fixed lag issues?
  • Fixed player animations stop working when using the HUB Interface
  • Removed text display on the Item Teleporters (May re-add later if optimized)


  • Added Storage Teleporter HUB Interface hand held, lets you access the Storage Teleporter HUB anywhere in the world (can be crafted in the workshop)
  • possibly fixed a bug causing a slight stutter every second


  • Updated HUB UI to show total input/output of ALL Teleporters with the same ID when you click 'Show Other Teleporters Of Same ID' button
  • Fixed bug where 'Show Other Teleporters Of Same ID' button showed all Teleporters on map instead of just for the selected ID


  • Removed Testing machines I left in public release


  • Updated Ping UI of HUB to show a colour depending on if there is a belt connected or not
  • Added A button onto the HUB UI to show all Item teleporters of the currently selected Teleporter with the same ID
  • Added more info onto HUB UI to show input speed of items
  • Added Input speed of items onto the Item Teleporters


  • Fixed a bug where The Storage Teleleporter HUB would crash the game when placing


  • Fixed a bug where Item Teleporters would stop working when an storage was filled (I'm sure of it this time...)


  • Changed the clearence size for the Item Teleporter
  • Probably fixed a bug where Item Teleporters would stop working when an storage was filled

0.1.8 (0.1.9)

  • Faster transfer speeds
  • Item Teleporters alternate in teleporting items to another teleporter of the same id (no more randomly picking a teleporter)
  • Updated Item Teleporter Model
  • Removed the 15 FPS Requirement to keep the Teleporters working
  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where Item Teleporters would appear in the HUB after dismantling them


  • Update Item Teleporter Model
  • Update SML version
  • Updated HUB Icon
  • Changed Item Teleporter Text Input to change size based on how long the name is
  • Changed throughput Values from seconds to minutes


  • Small Patch which might fix client crashes (NEEDS TESTING ... send me a message on discord if clients still crash)


  • Added menu to Item Teleporter to easily select from a list of already existing IDs
  • Reduced the size of the Bounding Box for the Item Teleporter
  • Fixed some visual bugs on models


  • updated models and textures
  • Storage Teleporter & HUB are now paintable
  • you can no longer place machines inside each other
  • HUB will use less power if a teleporter isn't transfering items


  • Updated Item Teleporter Texture


  • added new texture to the teleporter model


  • teleporter will now randomly pick a location rather than having priority to the first teleporter that was placed


  • Added a new Machine that is required for teleporters to work, ONLY 1 Storage Teleporter HUB (AND ONLY THE FIRST ONE PLACED) will work
  • Added portal effects to the Item Teleporter
  • Fixed Item Teleporter being to low into the ground
  • Changed the requirements to unlock Storage Teleproter from the HUB

0.0.5 (0.0.6 because I forgot to upload correct file)

  • Updated UI Slightly
  • Update Model (Still needs a texture)
  • Added Icons
  • Fixed: Teleporter not working from a distance


  • Added a shiny new UI
  • possibly fixed crashing issues (please report any further crashes to me)
  • speed of teleporter may seem slower this will be improved later as fixing crashes takes priority


  • Updated the UI to look less bad (this is not the final look of the UI)
  • Fixed the bug where the ID wouldn't save when reloading the Game (oops forgot I had to save stuff)


  • Changed unlock/recipe from battery to crystal oscillator

Known Bugs

  • UI is clunky and not finished
  • Sometimes Teleporters don't work after unlocking them ... Restart of game required (make sure you save your game!)
  • Items Not Teleporting? try disabling cheats


Icon & UI design by Deantendo#4265

Icon animation by Boyshallll#2272

Models by GaryWilson4#8296

Storage Teleporter Logo


Created: Apr 17, 2020, 8:57:36 PM
Views: 1,201,627
Downloads: 162,537
Reference: StorageTeleporter