Requires sweetToolsBase

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Instantly teleport items from one Transportal to another.

Transportals use simple names as IDs to pull from one another. Any belt feeding a Transportal will have its contents teleported to the output of a linked Transportal.

Multiple Transportals can pull from the same ID; allowing a single box/belt to feed multiple locations if desired.

The intent of this mod is not to replace all belts but to make the Transportals expensive enough in resource and power that you mainly use them for intra-base transportation (Less giant, ugly belt systems spanning the world).


sweetTransportal - Building Tier 4
    Unlock Cost
        30 - Modular Frames
        30 - Stator
      1000 - Copper Wire
       200 - Cable
    Recipe Cost
         4 - Heavy Modular Frames
         2 - Motor
        50 - Cable
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