Are you like me and hate using the hub for some strange reason? Well now you can use the MAM to progress.

A FicsitAdditionsTeam Mod

  • Find any bugs, Have suggestions, or if you just want to say hi, file a bug report in the #bug-report channel on the FAT discord ( and ping @RainZeros#0001


  • To start, there is a milestone in the hub in tier 0 which unlocks a cheaper MAM so you can use it early on
  • Rather than waiting 10 minutes for the rocket to come back, you need to research each item individually
  • The average tree will take 30-40 seconds to complete
  • At the end of each Tier tree in the milestone is a finish node which grants you recipes for various statues
  • The finish node's only purpose is to give you a recipe for the statue.


  • After completing a space elevator phase, the MAM wont update until saving and reloading
  • The finish node can be completed before actually finishing the whole tree


  • This is only useful for base game milestones
  • Planing on making the "finish" nodes require resources from all the milestones in each tier
  • This is a beta version, if you encounter bugs, incorrect items,wrong costs, PLEASE mention me on the modding discord @RainZeros#0001


  • Deantendo for all the sweet icons
  • The modding discord as a whole
  • Merlin for beta testing and being supportive
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