This is an beta version, yes, I know it is unpolished and a little buggy. If you find one, @Darthporisius in the SMM discord or send me a DM. Screenshots are appreciated. Also, if you have questions, feel free to also ping me in the #helping-using-mods.

Gone away from the base to explore or work on another project?

Wondered if the power at home was good, but didn't have a power pole nearby?

Want a small gadget or website that you could monitor your power on your dedicated server (CSS's Soon ™) remotely?

Then FiscIt Remote Monitoring is here for you!!!

How to get started:

  • I would strongly recommend reading the documentation on
  • The web server may be started/stopped by using "/frmweb {start/stop}" in the chat window.
  • The serial communication may be started/stopped by using "/frmserial {start/stop}" in the chat window.
  • For Serial, specify the Serial port associated (Windows Device Manager helps with this), then set the Baud Rate
    • Due to the library used, only the baud rate can be change, you must use 8-N-1 (8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)


  • Power Monitoring on a selected circuit
  • Battery status, charge, capacity, time until out of power
  • Output Serial Devices like RaspberryPi, Arduino, and other RS-232 devices
  • Input support to remotely reset fuses or issue other commands
  • JSON Support for output to allow updates and additional input/output without disrupting current setups
  • Web Server Support, complete with Power Information as well as Real-Time Tracking of Player (not multiplayer tested, but should work)

    WIP / Future Features:

  • Input functionality, (i.e. allow button to reset fuse, or turn on/off switches)
  • Better design of Web UI, #help-wanted
  • Reverse-proxy support for multiplayer

    Known Bugs:

  • Issues with the Player GeoJSON Coordinates for anyone but the host. Investigations on-going.


    Do you have an option or feature that you want? @ me in the modding Discord.

    Third-party Support/Apps:

    Please note that I did not develop this tool, and thus cannot be of much assistance. I would advise contacting the developer of the tool if no solution can be found:

    Ficsit Remote Monitoring Companion App written by Badger

    Permissions granted:

    You are permitted to create your own UIs for either Web and/or Serial and display them on the Official Satisfactory Modding Discord (further known as Discord Server).

    I would strongly recommend the #work-in-progress section, but you are free to post where appropriate.

    Please keep it in accordance with the Discord Server and Discord's rule and ToS.

    Special Thanks:

  • Feyko: Support and guidance to a noob Unreal Engine modder
  • Robb: Answering my dumb questions
  • Vilsol: Also answering my dumb questions and helping with the documentation system
  • Nog: Answering the dumbest of my questions
  • Archengius: Helping with the UE Garbage Collection Issue that is most likely resolved
  • Deantendo: Icon/Graphic for FRM
  • Andre Aquila: Production Stats code for FRM (Seriously, that would have taken me forever to develop.)
  • Badger: For lending assistance in making a decent UI in the form of the Companion App.
  • and to the rest of the Satisfactory Modding Discord for motivating me and letting me vent as I go through my day and also develop this mod.

    Serial JSON Output Example:

  • FicsIt Remote Monitoring Logo


    Created: May 4, 2021, 6:26:32 PM
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