Micro Manage all. the. things.

Micro Manage allows you to adjust the position, rotation and size of objects in your factory.


  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Move, rotate or resize items in your factory
  • Movement and rotation is relative to the player view for easy usage
  • Perform operations on large groups of objects at the same time (select with Ctrl-LeftClick, deselect with Ctrl-RightClick)
  • Undo recent Micro Manage changes using Ctrl-Z
  • Repeat-while-pressed functionality for adjustments, selection and undo (configurable)
  • Power lines, recipes, inventories, paint color, deconstruct refund, pipette tool all preserved
  • Settings and Key/Mouse configurations are customizable
  • Move and rotate vehicle path nodes to fix any recording problems
  • Mass selection of entire blocks of your factory
  • Connect belts, pipes, tubes and tracks (near or far teleportation of items, fluids, people and trains)

Documentation is being worked on that will have much more detailed information on using Micro Manage, check back soon.

Micro manage your friends

How To Use

  • Unlock the Micro Manage milestone in the HUB (Tier 1)
  • Craft a Micro Manager device in the Equipment Workshop
  • Equip the Micro Manager device and a helpful set of notes will display
  • Point at a buildable object, such as a foundation, and hit one of the listed key combinations
  • Ctrl-Left Click will select an object (or multiple objects) so that you don't need to keep pointing at them
  • Shift-Left Click will define an object as the Anchor for specific functions
  • Shift-Right Click will define an object as the Target for specific functions
  • Ctrl-Alt-I will change the amount that each move, rotation, or scaling does
  • Right Click (RMB) will bring up the Toolbar with many more available features

Rotate your pumps

Movement/Rotation Is Relative To Direction Player Is Facing

Objects have a natural orientation (x, y, and z axis) that they will move and rotate with. Commands on the horizontal plane (x and y axis) will be based on what direction you are facing. For example move back/forth will always move an object away/towards the direction you are facing within the constraints of the object's natural orientation.

Get creative!

Building Blocks!!!

The highly recommended Blocks mod by Andre Aquila is available to be used with Micro Manage to create all new combinations of shapes in game for your custom, creative needs.


  • You can use the dismantle tool (F) or unequip the Micro Manager to quickly deselect all objects.
  • Objects modified by Micro Manage maintain their modifications, even if the mod is no longer loaded.
  • If you are flying, you can use the Right-Alt key with Micro Manage to avoid key conflicts.
  • Configuration files are located in <Satisfactory Game Folder>/configs (must run with mod installed first to create default config files).
  • For key/mouse names, see constants at bottom of https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/API/Runtime/InputCore/EKeys/index.html

Known Problems

  • Vehicles that are made larger or smaller can have unpredictable side effects when riding around in them and may even crash your game. Make sure to save before playing around.
  • The statues that you get from the AWESOME shop are not modifiable with this mod. We recommend the Big Statues mod (https://ficsit.app/mod/EvreCbL2wrtpGG) for modifiable versions.


Foundations that are flat rotated (spin) should allow normal snapping in all directions. Rotation in the Roll or Pitch directions will allow normal snapping in one direction but get a little funky in the other direction. Snapping also does not perform very well on foundations that are grown or shrunken.

Stuff Being Worked On

  • Alignment, spacing, and other building tools
  • Cut, copy, and paste tools
  • Landscape (map content) editing tools
  • Machine monitoring and management tools


Grouped rotation demo

Streching/Squashing demo

Maintained connections demo

Toy train demo

Mass paint demo

Connect/Disconnect demo

Watch TotalXclipse's Mod Monday Micro Manage Spotlight for a whole lot of Satisfactory Mmmm.

Youtube: Mod Monday Micro Manage Spotlight by TotalXclipse

Dan P on Youtube shows off the start of their massive offshore oil rig and how they used Micro Manage to create some unique structures

Youtube: Offshore Oil Rig (Part 1) by Dan P

Modding discord user virtigo (virtigo#9669) inspires with this how-to video creating awesome looking train bridge supports

Youtube: Handrail (fence) monorail supports


Micro Manage Team

  • TwoTwoEleven - Creator/Programmer
  • Deantendo - UI/UX

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