Elevators for your base.

We missed the old Elevators mod, too! So we decided to make our own.

For now there's just this version with MK1 to Mk3, but more will come, and it'll include elevators for vehicles, too!

Nothing too complex to build. Costs are reasonable.

MK1 Tier 2 // 5 floor limit // 100 meters max height
MK2 Tier 4 // 10 floor limit // 250 meters max height
MK3 Tier 5 // 20 floor limit // 500 meters max height

Elevator speed, volume, floor count/labels and platform style can be configured from the interact UI.

The base of the elevator is 2m deep and will need to be placed below floor level.
The mod automatically places a floor marker at each floor and a rail runs up to each.
Connect the power at the base and you're ready to get high!.... Nobody? No?


You can quickly select a destination floor by standing on the platform and pressing a Floor Hotkey. By default, these are bound to NUMPAD 0-9 for floors 0-9, Ctrl+NUMPAD 0-9 for floors 10-19, and ARROW UP/DOWN to go up/down one floor. These hotkeys can be rebound in the Options>Keybindings menu.


Q - Can it move vehicles?
A - Without flinging them across/under the map? No. Though a safer vehicle elevator is planned.

Q - Will this automatically replace the old elevators in an update 3 save?
A - No. This is a totally new mod and made by different people.

Q - Is this mod multiplayer compatible?
A - Yes, client players can now see, ride and control the lifts. There are still some desync issues, so they should wait for the platform to reach its destination before getting off (or at least give them a jetpack).

Q - More elevator styles?
A - Bother D4rk about it.

Q - Unlimited height/speed/floors?
A - Probably not happening, for balance reasons. The build height ceiling in this game is ~2000m above the ground and most skybases start much lower than that, you can manage with the mk3's 500m build height.

Vehicle Lifts for your base

Can you believe it? It's real. We checked. Science!
Vehicle elevators are finally here! A historic day, it's true. Something to tell the grandchildren about. Magical.

Vehicle elevators have loooooong been a hot request in the mod community and now we think we've got it right and we've got it done well.

The idea is real simple:
Place the base of the elevator (2 foundations wide, 1 deep, and 6 long)
Add power
Set the height in the UI
Drive a vehicle on

Boom. You're now automatically moving to the top, baby! Just... no. Leave that emergency stop button alone. I know it's big and red and shiny and forbidden. Don't press it. You wouldn't want to void your warranty, would you?

There's a help poster included to assist with setting vehicle route recording. Yes. Vehicle routes are supported. We know we're awesome..... So do read it, yeah? We'll just put it here too, so you can have a quick look...

Got that? Cool.

Q&A time!

Q - My routes aren't working!
A - Make SURE you followed the instructions. But sometimes they won't work. Mostly not our fault.

Q - I have voided my warranty, wat do?
A - Yes

Q - I have an idea for other vehicle lifts!
A - So do we, and we're working on those right now!

Q - Who do I talk to if there's an actual problem with the mod?
A - Look over to the right, you want the person listed as the mod creator.

Q - The elevator is so tall! Why do I have to build a ramp to get to it?
A - You don't. Place the elevator in a hole.

Q - Why can't I make it go faster!
A - We've added a range of speeds we feel are appropriate for the scale of the object we're representing. We have everything from slow as all hell to represent a very realistic speed for something which would weigh many thousands of KG. We also added a fast speed that doesn't feel too unrealistic, and then there's some speeds in between.

Q - Why can't it be flat and easy!
A - That'd be boring. We want this to not just give you a very useful thing like a vehicle elevator, but it should also fit in with the game, which means that it has trade-offs like everything else in the game: You get this, but it needs that, which means you need this other thing etc...

Q - Why does it use so much power!
A - It doesn't really, does it? It's not cheap to operate, true. But it's a huge, heavy thing meant to move vehicles. A couple of AA batteries isn't going to cut it.

Q - Who do I blame for this mods' existence?
A - D4rkl0rd: Creator, coding, UI build, Meshes.
A - Avery: Multiplayer support, coding.
A - Deantendo: Ideation, UI design, Texture design, Icon design, Sound effects, puns, sass.




Mod code, concepts and models by D4rkL0rd
UI design, icons, decals, sounds, concepts by Deantendo
Code refactor and multiplayer support by Avery

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Created: Jun 4, 2021, 12:29:11 PM
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