With the help of this mod, you can use the creation tool to place mob spawners in the world. Which will spawn mobs from the Satisfactory game.

Currently spawning of creatures is supported:

  1. Alpha_Hog https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Alpha_Hog
  2. Alpha Spitter https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Alpha_Spitter
  3. Hog https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Fluffy-tailed_Hog
  4. Flying_Crab https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Flying_Crab
  5. Flying Crab Hatcher https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Flying_Crab_Hatcher
  6. Lizard Doggo https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Lizard_Doggo
  7. Non Flying Bird https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Non_Flying_Bird
  8. Pioneer (Player) https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Pioneer
  9. Space Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale Thing https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Space_Giraffe-Tick-Penguin-Whale_Thing
  10. Spitter https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Spitter
  11. Stinger (Small Stinger, Big Stinger, Large Stinger, Elite Stinger) This article does contain spider images! https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Stinger
  12. Spore Flower https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Spore_Flower (Be more careful with him. Since he is considered a building, he will not be removed from the world after 25 seconds like all other animals before, but will remain hanging in the air (the damage from several copies of this flower adds up !!!))

Known bugs:

  1. Incorrect display in the game interface
  2. Lack of description
  3. Incorrect names of spawners
  4. Spawned mobs disappear after 25 seconds (If you want to help me fix this particular bug, please contact here: https://forums.ficsit.app/t/how-to-make-a-mob-spawner/1412)

Mod creator discord: Solat#5057

The mod's avatar is done by Deantendo#4265

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