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Unlockable at Tier 1 at a cost of a few leaves.

To record:

  1. Build a foundation block
  2. Open the menu by walking up to the block
  3. Hit "Record"
  4. Build your annoying to reproduce item, whether its an elevated train tower, a factory floor, or some cool architecture, it doesn't matter.
  5. When you're done, open the same menu, and hit the "Stop" button
  6. Hit the "Save / Discard" button where you'll have the option to persist your masterpiece or drop it

To spawn:

  1. Build a foundation block
  2. Open the menu by walking up to the block
  3. Hit the icon next to "Load Blueprint"
  4. Select the one you want
  5. If you screwed something up, hit the "Undo Blueprint Build" icon to get rid of everything pasted from the last load

Copy your complicated factory floor!

Copy your complicated foundation thing!

Copy your complicated train support structure thing!

Recording build actions is all done relative to the block, a helpful arrow is provided to give some reference. Buildings build in front of the arrow of one block when recording will be built in front of the arrow of another block when loading. You should always save your game prior to doing any loading you haven't done before.

Conveyors, Pipes, Train Stations, Train Tracks, Conveyor Poles, Pipeline Poles, Stackable variants of the two, power cables are not supported. They'll be dropped when you attempt to spawn, this is a really complicated feature outside the scope of this mod.

Multiplayer support is unknown.

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