WFurniture 0.2.0

This mod is currently in Alpha, it adds a selection of Creative Commons furniture to the game. Most models have been compressed and scaled down enough to not create issues but it might be wise not to put too much furniture down in a small portion of the map.

It currently adds 3 research tiers;

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Fabric Furniture
  • Advanced Furniture

0.1.0 only added Wooden Furniture objects. Wooden furniture also contains modular kitchen parts.

0.2.0 adds many more decorative objects bringing the total to over 100+ items.

All models (and possible upcoming models) can be found in this list:
If you have any models you would like me to add you can DM me on Discord, at WThieves#1086

Currently there are no plans to add any functionality to these objects.

Known issues: Some furniture (mostly fabric) contains 'round parts' that look like they have sharp edges.

alt text
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