Some tools to deal with the power management.

Please don't mind the graphics. Im currently working on the functionalities. In the phase 2 will be new UI's and new graphics. :)


Only the host can see and change some things.

Power Control Room

Power Control Room 12 Switches

  • 12 Switches
  • 12 inputs (independent) -> 12 outputs (independent)
  • Shows Power / Reset Fuse
  • Every input/output has 4 connections

12 Switches

12 Switches

Power Control Room 1 x 12

  • Same as before, but with one input to all outputs

12 Switches

Power Switch

  • Click E turn ON/OFF
  • 1 input -> 1 output
  • Green when on/Red when off



Wireless Power Transmission Pole

  • Power Pole you can set a name, and connect with others you named, in any place of the map.



Auto Switch: More Power Connects

  • Let the more powerful line connects to Output.
  • 2 power inputs -> 1 output (Auto chooses one of them)


Auto Switch: Less Power Connects

  • Let the less powerful line connects to Output.
  • 2 power inputs -> 1 output (Auto chooses one of them)


Auto Switch: AND

  • Let the inputs connects to outputs, only if the two inputs have energy.
  • 2 inputs -> 2 outputs (Auto connects/disconnects each side of the Auto switch)

It will not work right if you connect all inputs/outputs in the same power line.


Emergency Power Storage

  • No refund if dismantle
  • Uses 1000 Batteries to build
  • Generates energy for a period of time (for 750MW > 15 minutes) and then, turns into scrap.


Pole Sign, Pole Sign Central and Alert System

  • A pole that shows if its receiving energy
  • If the energy on the pole is less than 5MW or the fuse is triggered, it will show red.
  • The Pole Sign Central Lists the power in all your "Pole signs" and you can set an Text and Sound alert to it.

Pole Sign

Pole Sign

Pole Sign


  • You set how much power will go to the output.
  • This power will be reserved for the output buildings, removing from the input



Belt Stopper

  • If the current power is below 50MW, it stops the belt.
  • It has a buffer of 3 slots.

PS: For pipes you can use a Pipeline Pump to set on and off depending on its powered.


Big Pole


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