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Multiplayer Support!!!


  • Lamp Pole: A High lamp to light up big areas, consumes power
  • Street Lamp: A lamp to light up roads and paths, consumes power
  • Powerpole Lamp: A powerpole with four lamps attached to it, consumes power
  • Construction Light: A lamp to light up kind of big areas and surfaces sideways, consumes fuel
  • Portable Lamp: A lamp which workes like a beacon but also sends beam into the sky as long it's powered, consumes fuel and is crafted in the Workshop
  • Spider Lamp: A smaller 360-Degree area light, consumes power


Some lamps have the lampmode functionallity which allowes to use following configs:

  • On: Lamp should be always on
  • Off: Lamp should be always off
  • Auto: Lamp should be on or off depending on daytime Lamps which are fuel powered can be turned off via the "Active"-Switch int the bottom right corner of ther GUI


Some lamps support lampgroups. Lampgroups are intended for sharing Lampconfigurations between multiple Lamps. So you can group one street and turn it on, off by one click, without the needance to set each lamp individually. You can create and remove custom groups.


All currently supported lamps are paintable through the color gun.


Some lamps consume more performance than others. All fueld Lamps consume more power than powered Lamps. We cant do very much about the performance decrease by exessive usage of lamps but we're trying to make it less intensive. With v0.4.0 a max render distance is introduced wich only displays the light sources in a given range around the player.



  • Changeable Light Color
  • Tutorial
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